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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul
Letters on Occult Meditation - Table of Contents


Letter I - Alignment of the Ego with the Personality

Alignment of the Ego with the Personality
Alignment and Vibration
The Chord of the Ego
Microcosmic and Macrocosmic Alignment

Letter II - The Importance of Meditation

The Importance of Meditation
Four Things Meditation Does

Letter III - Points considered when assigning Meditation

Points considered when assigning Meditation
1. The Ray of the Higher Self
2. The Ray of the Personality
     A Practical Illustration
3. The Karmic Condition of the Threefold Man
     The Point in Evolution
     The Specific Gravity and Content of the Causal Body
4. Condition of the Causal Body
     Relationship of the Ego to the Hierarchy
     Relationship of the Ego to its own Development
     Relationship of the Ego to other Egos
5. Immediate Need of Period and Man's Availability
     Some Word of Cheer
6. The Groups, Inner and Outer, with which the Pupil is Affiliated

Letter IV - The Use of the Sacred Word in Meditation

Fundamental Postulates
The Dual Effect of the Sacred Word; constructive and destructive
Seven Great Breaths
Meditation and the Word
Some Practical Hints
Pronunciation and Use in Individual Meditation
The Logoic Chord and Analogy
Group Use of the Word
Groups for Specific Purposes
The Seven Centers and the Sacred Word
1. Enumeration of the Centers
     The Spleen
     The Fundamental Centers
2. The Growth and Development of the Centers
     The Effect of Occult Meditation on the Centers
     Concluding Remarks

Letter V - Dangers to be avoided in Meditation

The Withholding of Information
Dangers inherent in the Personality
Some Thoughts on Fire
Dangers to the Physical Brain
Dangers to the Nervous System
Dangers to the Sex Organs
Dangers arising from the Karma of the Student
Microcosmic Purpose
Dangers based on National Heredity and Type of Body
Dangers attendant on Group Affiliations
Three Types of Affiliated Groups
Dangers arising from Subtle Forces
Dangers of Obsession
Causes of Obsession
The Kinds of Obsessing Entities
Dangers from the Deva Evolution
Danger from the Dark Brothers
The Dark Brotherhood

Letter VI - The Use of Form in Meditation

The Use of Form in Meditation
1. The Use of Form in Raising the Consciousness
2. Form as used by the Occultist and the Mystic
     The Mystic Form
     The Occult Form
     Occult and Mystic Forms Clairvoyantly seen
3. The Use of specific Forms for specific Ends
     Forms used in Work on the Three Bodies
     Ray Forms
     Forms used in Healing
     Mantric Forms
     Forms used in one of the Three Departments
     The Three Lines of Approach
          a. The Line of the Manu
          b. The Line of the Bodhisattva
          c. The Line of the Mahachohan
     Forms used in calling Devas and Elementals
     Mantrams of Power
     The Comprehension of Force
     Mantric Forms connected with Fire
4. The Use of Form Collectively
     The Use of Sound Collectively in Meditation Forms
     The Use of Rhythm Collectively in Meditation
     Special Occasions on which these Forms will be employed

Letter VII - The Use of Color and Sound

The Use of Color and Sound
Some Remarks on Color
Enumeration of the Colors
Comments on the Colors
The Esoteric and Exoteric Colors
Microcosmic and Macrocosmic Correspondence
The Basic Correspondences
Color in the Microcosm and in the Macrocosm
Effect on the Environment
The Application of Color
Use of Color in Meditation
Application of Color in Healing
Higher Vision and Health
Forecasts anent the Future

Letter VIII - Access to the Masters via Meditation

The Search for the Goal
Who are the Masters?
What Access to the Master entails
A Probationer's Three Objects
Accepted Discipleship
Sonship to the Master
The Relationship of Master and Pupil
Methods of Approach and Effects obtained
     1. Sanctified Service
     2. Love and Wisdom
     3. Intellectual Application
Five Effects of Meditation in the Three Worlds
     1. Seeing the Master and Self within the Cave of the Heart
     2. Recognition of Vibration
     3. Bringing through into the Physical Brain Consciousness...
     4. The Attainment of a certain amount of Causal Consciousness
     5. Through Sound the Aspirant is aware of Success

Letter IX - Future Schools of Meditation

Preliminary Remarks
Future Schools of Meditation
1. The One Fundamental School
2. The National Subdivisions of the One School
3. The Location, Personnel, and Building of the Occult School
     The Location
     Personnel of the School
     The Preparatory Occult School
     Personnel of the Advanced School
     The Buildings of the School
4. The Grades and Classes
     a. The Times of Study
     b. Types of Work
     c. Potencies becoming Powers

Letter X - The Purification of the Vehicles

The Purification of the Vehicles
The Training of the Physical Body
The Refining of the Emotional Body
The Refinement of the Mental Body

Letter XI - The Resultant Life of Service

The Resultant Life of Service
1. The Motives for Service
2. The Methods of Service
3. The Attitude following Action



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