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Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter V - Dangers to be avoided in Meditation
Dangers arising from the Karma of the Student

July 29, 1920

These as you know may be grouped under three heads, as follows: [107]

  1. Those incidental to the karma of his present life.
  2. Those based on his national heredity and his type of body.
  3. Those attendant on his group affiliations, whether on the physical plane and so exoteric, or on the subtle planes and so esoteric.

Just what do you mean by the "karma of the student?" We use words lightly, and I presume that the thoughtless reply would be that the student's karma is the inevitable happenings of the present or the future that he cannot evade. This is somewhat right, but is only one aspect of the whole. Let us look at the matter first in a large manner, for oft in the just apprehension of big outlines comes comprehension of the small.

When our Logos founded the solar system He drew within the circle of manifestation matter sufficient for His project, and material adequate for the object He had in view. He had not all possible objects in view for this one solar system: He had some specific aim that necessitated some specific vibration and required therefore certain differentiated material. This circle that we term the systemic or solar "ring-pass-not" bounds all that transpires within our system, and contains within its bounds our dual manifestation. All within that ring vibrates to a certain key-measure, and conforms to certain rules with the aim in view of the achievement of a particular goal, and the attainment of a certain end, known in its entirety only to the Logos Himself. All within that circle is subject to specific rules and governed by a certain key measure, and might be regarded as being subject to the karma of that sevenfold periodic existence, and actuated by causes dating back prior to the ringing of that circle, thus linking our system to its forerunner and affiliating it with that which will come [108] after. Not an isolated unit are we, but part of a greater whole, governed in our totality by cosmic law and working out (as a whole) certain definite aims.

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