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Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter IV - The Use of the Sacred Word in Meditation
Group Use of the Word

In group formation the effect of the Word is intensified, provided the groups are correctly constituted, or rendered null and void and neutralized should the groups contain undesirable elements. Certain things, therefore, have to be ascertained before the Word may be used with adequacy by a group:

  1. It is desirable that people on the same ray or on a complementary ray form a group.
  2. It is desirable that the Word be intoned on the same key, or in part harmonic. When this is done, the vibratory effect is far reaching and certain reactions will occur.

What results, therefore, when the Word is correctly sounded by a group of people rightly intermingled?

  1. A strong current is set up that reaches the disciple or the Master responsible for the group and which enables him to put the group en rapport with the Brotherhood, permitting the channel to be cleared for the transmission of teaching.
  2. A vacuum is created that corresponds somewhat to the vacuum that should exist between the Ego and the Personality, but this time between a group and Those on the inner side. [66]
  3. If all conditions are right, it likewise results in a linking with the egoic groups of the involved personalities, a stimulation of the causal bodies involved, and a linking of all three groups - the lower, the higher and the Brotherhood - in a triangle for the transmission of force.
  4. It has a definite effect on the physical vehicles of the lower group; it intensifies the vibration of the emotional bodies, driving out counter-vibration and swinging all into line with the higher rhythm. This results in equilibrium; it stimulates the lower mind, yet at the same time opens the connection with the higher, which higher, entering in, stabilizes the lower concrete mind.
  5. It attracts the attention of certain of the devas or angels whose work lies with the bodies of men, and enables them to do that work with greater exactitude and make contacts that later will be of use.
  6. It creates a protective shell around the group, which (though only temporary) leads to freedom from disturbance, enables the units of the group to work with greater ease and according to the law, and helps the inner Teachers to find the line of least resistance betwixt Themselves and those who seek Their instruction.
  7. It aids in the work of evolution. Infinitesimal that aid may be, yet every effort that leads to the free play of the law, that acts in any way on matter for its greater refining, that stimulates vibration and facilitates the contact between the higher and the lower is an instrument in the hand of the Logos for the hastening of His plan. [67]

I have touched here upon certain effects incident upon the chanting of the Word in unison. Later, as the rules of occult meditation are understood and experimentally applied, these effects will be studied. As the race becomes more clairvoyant, they will also be tabulated and checked. The geometrical forms created by the individual, and by the group, in sounding forth the Word will be recorded and noted. The elimination of individuals from different groups and their assignment to other groups more suitable will be effected by judicious consideration of the work done by them. Later, as individuals develop the higher consciousness, wardens of groups must be chosen - not only for their spiritual attainments and their intellectual capacity, but for their ability to see with the inner vision, and hence assist their members and group to rightful plans and to correct development.

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