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Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter VI - The Use of Form in Meditation

August 6, 1920

  1. The Use of Form in raising the consciousness.
  2. The Use of Form by the mystic and the occultist.
  3. Specific Forms.
  4. The Use of Form collectively. [140]

Your very natural desire to have me give you in this sixth letter certain specific forms to achieve certain results cannot be fully acquiesced in. I do not propose to outline for you any forms for careful following. The risks, as before I have pointed out, are too great apart from the supervision of a teacher at hand to watch reactions. These forms may later be given. The work is duly planned out for the coming generation of students, this series of letters having its place within that outline. What I intend to do today is something different. I purpose to do four things which we will separately take up and elucidate. These things, if duly assimilated and acted upon, will lead to further enlightenment. In the occult method of teaching step by step is given, point by point slowly laid before the pupil, and only as each step is taken and each point is grasped, will the next in order become clear. The teacher gives an indication, drops a hint, and touches some high light. The pupil follows the point emphasized, and finds on thus acting that further light pours in, another stage appears and other hints are dropped. In joint action and reaction therefore the occult student is trained by the occultist.

In studying the topic, "The use of form in meditation," the four divisions under which I seek to place the intended data are as follows:

  1. The use of Form in raising the consciousness.
  2. The use of Form by the mystic and the occultist. [141]
  3. The use of specific forms for specific ends.
  4. The use of Form collectively.

In the exposition of these subjects you will see that what I am endeavoring to produce is a just apprehension of the value of forms in meditation and not the imparting of any definite method. I seek to show the essential nature of proceeding under law in this the most important means of bringing about union with the divine, and of producing that at-one-ment between the higher and the lower that is the aim of all evolution. I desire to leave in the minds of those who read these words a just apprehension of the relationship between spirit and matter which is the basis of all work of this nature.

The method employed by the Logos in this the second solar system is definitely the use of form for purposes of manifestation, as a medium of expression and as the vehicle whereby the indwelling life may grow, expand, experience and find itself. This is the case whether the form is an entire solar system, whether it is a human being in his complexity, or whether it is a form built by that human being in his endeavor to realize and know, - a form built for the very purpose of providing a vehicle whereby the consciousness may, by set stages, raise itself step by step to some visualized point. This brings us to our first point.

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