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Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter III - Points considered when assigning Meditation
Some Words of Cheer

June 18, 1920

...It is only as the disciple is willing to relinquish all in the service of the Great One, and to hold naught back, that liberation is achieved, and the body of desire becomes transmuted into the body of the higher intuition. It is the serving perfectly each day - with no thought or calculation about the future - that brings a man to the position of the perfect Server. And, may I suggest one thing? All care and anxiety is based primarily on selfish motive. You fear further pain, you shrink from further [44] sad experience. It is not thus that the goal is reached; it is reached by the path of renunciation. Perhaps it may mean the renunciation of joy, or the renunciation of good reputation, or the renunciation of friends, and the renunciation of all that the heart clings to. I say perhaps; I say not, it is so. I but seek to point out to you that if that is the way you are to reach your goal, then for you it is the perfect way. Aught that brings you rapidly to Their Presence and to Their Lotus Feet, is by you to be desired and eagerly welcomed.

Cultivate daily, therefore, that supreme desire that seeks solely the commendation of the inner Guide and Teacher, and the egoic response to good action dispassionately performed.

Should bereavement come your way, smile through it all; it will end in a rich reward and the return of all that has been lost. Should scorn and despising be your lot, smile still, for only the look of commendation that comes from the Master is the one to seek. Should lying tongues take action, fear not, but forge ahead. A lie is a thing of earth and can be left behind as a thing too vile to be touched. The single eye, the unalloyed desire, the consecrated purpose, and the ear that turns in deafness to all earth's noise - such is the aim for the disciple. I say no more. I but desire that you do not dissipate needless force in vain imaginings, feverish speculations and troubled expectations.

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