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Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter IX - Future Schools of Meditation
October 2nd, 1920

In the rigid disciplining of yourself comes eventual perfection. To the disciple nought is too small to undertake, for in the rigid adjustment of the details of the lower world life comes, at the end, attainment of the goal. The life of the disciple becomes not easier as the Gate is neared, but ever the watch must be more thorough, ever right action must be taken with no regard to result, and ever each body in all its aggregate of detail must be wrestled with and subjugated. Only in the thorough comprehension of the axiom "Know thyself" will come that understanding that enables man to wield the law and know the inner working of the system from the center to the periphery. Struggle, strive, discipline, and rejoicingly serve with no reward save the misunderstanding and the abuse of those who follow after - this is the role of the disciple.

Today we will deal with our third point.

3. The Location, Personnel, and Building of the Occult School

Here at the outset I would remind you that much which might be said by me on this matter must remain unsaid for lack of the ability to comprehend. I might lay down certain approximate rules, and make certain fundamental suggestions that may find their place in the [311] final working out. I can lay down no rule that must be kept. Such is not the occult law. In the establishment of these occult schools in their two divisions, preparatory and advanced, in the different designated centers under one of the four branches of the one fundamental School of Occultism, the work will begin in an inconspicuous manner, and those pupils and advanced egos whose work it is to make the necessary beginning must find out for themselves the method, place and manner. All must be wrought out in the furnace of endeavor and experiment, and the price paid will be high, but only that which is thus wrought out provides the residue or nucleus upon which the further work may be based. Mistakes matter not; nought but the fleeting personalities suffer. What does matter is lack of aspiration, inability to attempt, and incapacity to learn the lesson that failure teaches. When failures are regarded as valuable lessons, when a mistake is deemed but a warning signal that averts from disaster, and when no time is ever lost by a disciple in vain despair and useless self depreciation, then the watching Teachers of the race know that the work the Ego seeks to do through each expression on the lower plane goes forward as desired, and that success must inevitably eventuate. We will here take each detail of our subject, as enumerated above, by itself.

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