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Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter V - Dangers to be avoided in Meditation
Dangers attendant on Group Affiliations

August 2, 1920

Very briefly would I seek this morning to take up the question of the dangers involved in meditation that are incidental to a man's group affiliations, whether exoteric or esoteric. There is not much that can be said on this particular matter, save broad indications. Each of these various subjects that I have touched upon might warrant the writing of a weighty treatise, and I shall not, therefore, attempt to cover what might be said but only point out certain aspects of the matter that will (if pondered on with care) open up to the earnest seeker after truth many avenues of knowledge. All occult training has this in view, - to give to the pupil some seed thought which (when brooded over in the silence of his own heart) [115] will produce much fruit of real value, and which the pupil can then conscientiously consider his own. What we produce through wrestling and strenuous endeavor remains forever our own, and vanishes not into forgetfulness as do the thoughts that enter through the eye from the printed page, or through the ear from the lips of any teacher no matter how revered.

One thing that is oft overlooked by the pupil when he enters upon the path of probation and starts meditation is that the goal ahead for him is not primarily the completing of his own development, but his equipping for service to humanity. His own growth and development are necessarily incidental but are not the goal. His immediate environment and his close associates on the physical plane are his objectives in service, and if in the endeavor to attain certain qualifications and capacities he overlooks the groups to which he is affiliated and neglects to serve wisely and to spend himself loyally on their behalf he runs the danger of crystallization, falls under the spell of sinful pride, and mayhap even takes the first step to ward the left-hand path. Unless inner growth finds expression in group service the man treads a dangerous road.

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