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Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter IX - Future Schools of Meditation
The Location

This is a matter of very real importance but differs according to the need of finding a situation whereon to found a preparatory or an advanced school. Generally speaking (for national requirements vary much), the school for the preparatory work will be situated within reasonable distance of some big center or city, whilst the school for the advanced grades will be more isolated, and not so easily accessible.

Let us look into this for a moment. One of the fundamental things that the novitiate has to learn is to find his [312] center within himself, independent of surrounding circumstances, and preferably in spite of surrounding circumstances. The center must be found to a considerable degree before he can pass on to the more advanced grades and work in the second school. The preparatory school above all things concentrates on the development of the threefold lower man, and his training in service. The advanced school definitely prepares for Initiation, and is concerned with occult lore, with the impartation of cosmic truth, with the abstract development of the pupil, and with work on causal levels. One can be best accomplished in the world of men and through contact with the world; the other demands necessarily an environment of comparative seclusion and freedom from interruption. We might express it thus: the preparatory grades deal with the kingdom of God within, whilst the advanced school expands that training into one which includes the kingdom of God without. Therefore the first will be situated amongst the working sons of men, so that by his reactions and interactions in with them, in service and struggle, the pupil may learn to know himself. The other will be for those who have somewhat mastered these things, and are ready to learn more of other evolutions and of the cosmos. Until a man is master of himself to a considerable degree he may not safely work, for instance, with the deva or angel evolution. In the preparatory school he learns this mastery; in the more advanced school he can thus be trusted to make other contacts than the human. In both these schools, the basic instruction is meditation in all its grades. Why? Because in occult schools information, clear instructions, or a conglomerate of facts are never given, nor are the exoteric textbook methods ever employed. The whole aim is only to put the student in the way of finding out for himself the needed knowledge. [313] How? By developing the intuition through meditation, and by the attainment of that measure of mental control that will permit the wisdom of the Triad to pour down into the physical brain, via the causal. Therefore, in the preparatory school emphasis will be laid on the meditation that concerns the mind, and the teaching embodied in this book will be applied. This necessitates an environment wherein many and varied human contacts will be made, and where the concrete knowledge of the world of men will be easily available (music, libraries, and lectures), for in the preparation of true occult training the astral and mental equipping of the student will be one of the first considerations. When this has been somewhat accomplished, and when the clairvoyant head of the school sees that the rounding out of the lower auric egg approaches the desired point, then the pupil will pass into the more advanced school, and will be taught how from his stable center to contact the cosmic center, and from the point within himself to expand his consciousness till it touches the periphery of the system macrocosmic, and embraces all that lives - lives in an occult sense. This necessitates, during the period of training, comparative seclusion, and this the advanced school will provide. Therefore the preparatory school will be located near some large city, preferably near the sea or some large expanse of water, but never within the city; it will be on the confines of the centers of learning within the city and will be readily accessible. The advanced school will be far from the crowded places of the earth and preferably in a mountainous region, for the mountains have a direct effect on the occultist and impart to him that quality of strength and steadfastness that is their predominant characteristic and must be that too of the occultist. The sea or expanse of water close to a preparatory school will convey to his [314] mind a constant reminder of the purification which is his paramount work, whilst the mountains will imbue the advanced student with cosmic strength and will bold steadily before him the thought of the Mount of Initiation which he aims soon to tread.

Tomorrow we will take the important factor of the personnel and faculty of the school and the types of building.

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