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Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter VIII - Access to the Masters via Meditation
5. Through Sound the Aspirant is aware of Success

This fifth method is not so usual but it is known to some natures. He follows his usual form of meditation. He perseveres from day to day and works on all the three planes over the work to be done. He continuously raises his vibration and aspires in the needed endeavor, coupling all interior effort to the external life of loving service. At some one meditation he will suddenly become aware of a note of music, that seems to be sounded within his head or to emanate from his heart. It will not be evoked by the sounding of the Sacred Word, which Word when sounded by the man on a certain key may call forth a musical response from the Ego, but it will come as a result or culmination of the meditation, and the sound of the note will vibrate within the center so distinctly as never to be forgotten. It is again an indication of success. The Master has been contacted, and has responded by sounding the tone of the man's own Ego. This is really the basis of the custom of the doorkeeper responding to the would be aspirant to the mysteries of the group. When the work [294] is properly done, the aspirant will sound the admission word in his own key or tone, endeavoring to strike the note that will evoke the Ego. The doorkeeper will respond and chant forth the reply in the same full sonorous tone, thereby, through the power of sound, linking the man up with the Master of the coming ceremonies. This puts each member of the group - through his own effort and through the third factor, the doorkeeper - en rapport with the Master. In time this will be more fully understood and effort will be made to keep the tone reverberating between those who enter and those who guard the Threshold. When perfectly accomplished (a thing impossible now) it forms a perfect protection. Groups will be formed according to egoic formation and the particular Master. The note of the group will be known to the one who guards the entrance, and no one can get in who sounds not the note in either the higher or lower octave. This applies to groups consecrated to inner spiritual development, and that are directly concerned with the work of a Master with His affiliated pupils or disciples or probationers. Other groups, formed of units diverse and under different rays and Masters, will guard their door by another method, later to be revealed.

When, in meditation, a student hears this inner musical note, he should endeavor to register it, and cultivate the faculty of both recognizing it and utilizing it. This is not easy at first, as the sounding is both unlooked for and too brief to catch. But as time progresses, and the pupil succeeds in again and yet again getting a similar response, then he can begin to find out the method and watch the causes that set the vibration in motion.

As I have said before, many are the methods whereby a pupil becomes aware of success in the path of access. Above are but five out of these many. Later, when the [295] Schools are organized and watched over by a Master in physical plane consciousness, records will be kept of the times and modes of contact and in this manner much knowledge will accrue. I would in conclusion point out that always the calling forth of the response must be the work of the pupil, and that the hour of that response depends upon the earnestness of his work, the consecration of his service and his karmic liabilities. When he merits certain response it will be demonstrated in his stars, and naught can hinder or delay. Equally, naught can really hasten, so the pupil need not waste time in doleful ponderings upon the lack of response. His the part to obey the rules, to conform to the forms laid down, to ponder and wisely adhere to the prescribed instructions, and to definitely work and to ardently serve his fellowmen. When he has done all this, when he has built the necessary vibrating material into his three lower bodies, when he has aligned them with the body egoic (even if only for a brief minute) suddenly he may see, suddenly he may hear, suddenly he may sense a vibration, and then forever he may say that faith is merged in sight, and aspiration has become recognition. [296]

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