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Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter VIII - Access to the Masters via Meditation
What Access to the Master entails

September 16th, 1920

We deal today with the second point in our eighth letter, and we have to look at the subject in two ways, briefly from the standpoint of the Master, and rather lengthily from the viewpoint of the pupil.

We have in these letters given a broad outline of the magnitude of the task that lies ahead of the man who proposes to attain. Much that has been written has no interest for the man who is only of average development, but chiefly concerns the man who has reached a specific point in evolution, and stands upon the Path of Probation. Much that might be said upon this matter has been covered in that earlier series I communicated to you. I seek not to cover the same ground here, but to deal more specifically with the internal relationship which exists between Master and pupil.

That relationship exists in four grades, in each of which a man progresses nearer to his Master. These four grades are as follows and cover the period wherein the man is under training until the time when he himself becomes an adept.

They are:

  1. The period wherein he is on probation. [266]
  2. The period wherein he is an accepted disciple.
  3. The period wherein he is regarded as the Master's intimate, or - as it is esoterically termed - the "Son of the Master."
  4. The period wherein the final three initiations are taken, and he knows himself as one with the Master. He ranks then as the "Beloved of the Master," a position analogous to that which John, the beloved disciple, held in the Bible story.

All these stages are governed by two things:

  1. Similarity of vibration.
  2. Karma,

and all are involved in the ability of the man to develop group consciousness.

On the planes of the higher mind, on the second subplane you have a reflection of what can be seen on the highest planes of our solar system. What have you there? The seven Heavenly Men are there to be found, each of Whom is composed (from the standpoint of form) of group souls, - those group souls being made up of the individual human and angel units of consciousness. On the second subplane of the mental plane you have the groups belonging to the Masters, if so I may express it. These groups are animated and vitalized from the atomic subplane where the Masters (when manifesting for the helping of the sons of men) have Their habitat, [Since 1920, great changes have occurred. Now (1949) there has been a shift to the Buddhic Plane. (A. A. B.)] just as the Heavenly Men have Their originating source and the cause of Their life on the atomic plane of the solar system, that which we call the plane of adi, or the first plane. These groups are formed around a Master, are enclosed within His aura, and are a part of His consciousness. They include people whose egoic ray is the same as His, or whose monadic ray is the same. [267]

This means that two types of people are concerned:

  1. Those who are preparing for the first and second initiations, taken upon the ray of the Ego, and
  2. Those who are preparing for the two next initiations, which are taken upon the ray of the Monad. You have here a cause of the transference of people from one ray to another. It is only an apparent transference, even though it entails passing into the group of a different Master. This takes place after the second initiation.
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