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Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter V - Dangers to be avoided in Meditation
Dangers of Obsession

Dangers from discarnate entities are frankly those of obsession, either of a temporary nature and lasting for a few moments or more enduring and lasting for a longer [122] period. It may even be permanent and lasting through a lifetime. I have earlier written to you a letter upon this subject which you might here incorporate. We never duplicate effort if it can be avoided. I seek primarily to emphasize the point that this entrance which we call obsession is effected largely through the negative attitude assumed through the unwise following of an unsuitable meditation. In his anxiety to be the recipient of light from above, in his determination to force himself to a place where he can contact the teachers or even the Master, and in his endeavor to eliminate all thought and lower vibrations, the student makes the mistake of rendering his entire lower personality receptive. Instead of making it firmly positive to environing factors and to all lower contacts, and instead of only allowing the "apex of the mind" (if I may use so unusual a term) to be receptive and open to transmission from the causal or the abstract levels and even from the intuitional, the student permits reception from all sides. Only a point within the brain should be receptive, all the rest of the consciousness should be so polarized that outer interference will not be possible. This refers to the emotional and to the mental bodies, though with the majority these days it refers solely to the emotional. At this particular period of the world's history the emotional plane is so densely populated and the response of the physical to the emotional is now becoming so exquisitely attuned, that the danger of obsession is greater than ever heretofore. But for your cheering - the reverse holds good also, and response to the divine and rapid reaction to the higher inspiration has never been so great. Divine inspiration or that "divine obsession" which is the privilege of all advanced souls, will be understood in the coming years as never before, and will be definitely one of the [123] methods used by the coming Lord and His Great Ones for the helping of the world.

The thing to be remembered is that in the case of wrong obsession the man is at the mercy of the obsessing entity, and is unconsciously or unwillingly a partner in the transaction. In divine obsession the man consciously and willingly cooperates with the One Who seeks to inspire, or to occupy or employ his lower vehicles. The motive is ever the greater helping of the race. The obsession is then not the result of a negative condition but of a positive collaboration and proceeds under law and for a specific period... As more and more of the race develop continuity of consciousness between the physical and the emotional and later the mental, this act of transference of the vehicles will be more frequent and more understood.

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