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Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter VI - The Use of Form in Meditation
Forms used in Work on the Three Bodies

These forms will be some of the first revealed, and already in the various meditations advocated by the wise Guides of the race you have some of the lesser foundation outlines designed for working on the lower mind. These forms will be based on the special need of any one body, and will seek through the manipulation of matter to build that which is needed to fill the gap, and thus to supply the deficiency. This manipulation will be begun first on the etheric matter of the physical body, by forms of breathing (respiration and inspiration), and by certain rhythmic currents set up on the mental plane and driving from thence to the lower ethers. The etheric body will thus be strengthened, purified, cleansed, and rearranged. Many of the diseases of the dense physical body originate in the etheric, and it will be an object of attention at as early a date as possible.

The emotional body likewise will be dealt with through special forms, and when the pupil has strenuously cultivated the quality of discrimination, and made it a working factor in his life, then these forms will be gradually imparted. But until he can distinguish somewhat between the real and the unreal, and until his sense of proportion is wisely adjusted, the emotional plane should be for him a battle ground, and not a field for experimentation. Let me illustrate the type of work that these forms which work on emotional matter will accomplish. The aim of the pupil who treads the Path is to build an emotional body that is composed of matter of the higher subplanes, is clear and sensitive, an accurate transmitter, and which [157] is characterized by a stable vibration, a steady rhythmic motion, and is not prone to violent storms and the agitating effects of uncontrolled emotion. When the idealism is high, when the percentage of matter of the two higher subplanes is approaching somewhat the desired figure, and when the pupil recognizes practically all the time that he is not his vehicles, but is indeed the divine Dweller within them, then certain things will be imparted to him, which - when carefully followed out - will do two things:

  • They will act directly on his emotional body, driving out foreign or lower matter, and stabilizing his vibration.
  • They will build in emotional matter a body or form that he can use for certain work, and can employ as his agent to attain results that will be part of the purificatory and constructive work of the emotional body. This is as much as can be said, but it will serve to show the type of form aimed at.
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