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Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter VII - The Use of Color and Sound

August 27th, 1920

  1. Enumeration of the colors and some comments.
  2. Colors and the law of correspondences.
  3. Effects of colors.
  4. Application of colors and their future use. [204]

There is no question that those who break the law perish by the law, whilst those who keep it live by it. The true study of occultism is the study of the why and how of phenomena. It is the finding out of the method whereby results are achieved, and it involves close analysis of events and circumstances in order to discover their governing laws. I have been led to make these preliminary remarks today because I saw with clarity the questions that are controlling your mind. These questions are of great value, if you continue to apply yourself to the search for the right answer. Certain definite laws govern the life of the disciple. They are the same laws that control all life. The difference consists in the partial realization - on the part of the disciple - of the purpose of those laws, their raison d'Ítre, and their conscious judicious application to the circumstances met in daily living. By conformance to the law is the personal life transmuted... Take for instance the Law of Substance. This law puts the disciple in the position of wisely utilizing the universal storehouse. It is the manipulation of matter, and its adaptation to the interacting forces of supply and demand... Blind faith is right for the mystic. It is one of the means whereby the Divine storehouse is entered, but to understand the method whereby that storehouse is kept replenished, and to comprehend the means whereby the bounteous supply of the All Father is brought in contact with the children's need is better still. One of those maxims I can here give anent supply and demand. It is only as a skillful [205] use is made of the supply for the needs of the worker and the work (I choose these words each one with deliberation) that that supply continues to pour in. The secret is: use, demand, take. Only as the door is unlocked by the law of demand is another and higher door unlocked permitting supply. The law of gravitation holds hid the secret. Think this out.

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