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Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter VII - The Use of Color and Sound
September 10th, 1920

We will, today, scarcely do more than touch upon our second point, which is the application of color for healing purposes, the reason for this brevity being that the subject, in order to be handled correctly and therefore safely, should be dealt with at length, and the old adage will consequently prove true in this connection that "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing". Unless the matter of healing with color is dealt with in correct fashion and with technical knowledge and at length, the results achieved might prove more disastrous than beneficent. The subject will later be fully eluciated if the future brings that which is intended, and in the meantime I can, for your information, outline certain features of this work, point out certain conditions incident to success, and foretell for you somewhat the trend the matter will probably take. [242]

Application of Color in Healing

We are dealing with the subject now from the standpoint of meditation. It is essential therefore that we consider the subject from that angle. In meditation the work of healing is handled entirely from the mental standpoint. The direction of any force supplied will be from the mental body of the patient and will work from thence to the physical via the emotional.

This involves on the part of the person or group that undertakes this work the ascertaining of certain facts. Let us briefly enumerate them in order to clarify the mind of the reader:

1. The work will be largely subjective and will deal with causes and not with effects. The primary aim of the healing group will be to discover the originating cause of the trouble and having located that cause in either the emotional or the mental body the members of the group will then proceed to deal with the effect as demonstrated in the physical or the etheric. Should the trouble be entirely physical, such as is the case in an accident of any kind, or in some affliction which is purely the result of heredity or of congenital trouble, the ordinary high class physical plane scientific methods will be applied at first, and the work of the healers will be to aid those methods through concentration on the subtler bodies. This applies during the transition period into which the race is now entering. Later, when the knowledge of occult healing is more familiar, and the laws which govern the subtle bodies are more known, physical plane science will be superseded by the preventive science of the subtler planes, that science which aims at the provision of right conditions and the building of bodies that are both self-protecting and neutral to all attack. It will be found that the comprehension [243] of the law of vibration, and the effect of one vibration upon another vibration holds the key to the establishing of better conditions of living, and of sound bodies on all planes.

But as things are now, disease, corruption of different kinds and trouble in all the bodies is everywhere contacted, and when conditions are thus recognized, means of aiding must be earnestly sought. This leads us on to our next point:

2. The ascertaining by the group that practices healing of full information as to the patient, based on the following questions:

  1. What are his basic lines of thought? By what thought-forms is he principally surrounded?
  2. What is the predominant hue of his emotional body? What is its rate of vibration? Is the patient subject to sudden turmoils that throw the entire emotional body into disorder?
  3. What are his most ordinary topics of conversation? What are his principal interests? What literature does he study? What are his favorite pursuits?
  4. What is the condition of the centers in his body? Which centers are awakened? Are any centers rotating in fourth dimensional order? Which center is the major one in any particular case?
  5. What is the state of the etheric body? Does it show symptoms of devitalization or of congestion? Is the patient lacking in vitality? What is the value of his magnetic action on other people? [244]

Having studied the patient from all these angles, and not at any earlier time, will the group who purpose healing study the physical vehicle itself in detail. Then - with some idea of the inner conditions that underly the trouble - they will study as follows:

  1. The condition of the nervous system, giving particular attention to the spine, and to the state of the inner fire.
  2. The state of the various organs of the body, and especially the organ, or organs, that are causing distress.
  3. The structure itself, studying the bones and the flesh, and the condition of the vital fluid, the blood.
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