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Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter VI - The Use of Form in Meditation
Special Occasions on which these Forms will be employed

The great event on the planet in direct relation to the human race is the Wesak festival. There is one still greater moment in the calendar when a funnel is created directly between the earth and the supreme Ruler himself, the Logos of our system. This is accomplished through the power of certain mantrams and the united efforts of the Hierarchy and the Deva Lords of the planes. These Deva Lords are aided by the deva evolution, and the Hierarchy [201] by those of the human race who are steady. They focus through the Lords of the Rays then in manifestation as well as through the Planetary Logos of this planet. The date of this event is not yet for exoteric communication.

On all the three main lines of approach - that of the Manu, or Ruler, the Bodhisattva, or World Teacher, and the Mahachohan, or Lord of Civilization - their own specific groups will be found, subject to certain mantrams and words, and moving under certain rhythmic laws. One hint only can I give here but I think you will find it interesting. The time is coming when those who work under the Manu, manipulating nations, directing their attention to government and politics, sitting in the assemblies of the people, giving out the laws and apportioning justice, will begin all their work with great rhythmic ceremonies. By means of their united rhythm and chanted words, they will seek to put themselves in touch with the consciousness of the Manu and with His great governing department, so bringing more clearly into practice the working out of His plans and the formulation of His intentions. Having aligned their bodies and made the necessary funnel, they will proceed with business after having placed in their midst as a focal point of illumination one or two men who will give their entire attention to finding out the intention of the Manu and His subordinates upon the matter in hand.

So in the department of the Bodhisattva will a similar procedure be followed, for which the construction is already organized. The priest will be the focal point, and, after due ceremony and rhythm on the part of the united congregation, they will be the transmitters of information from on high. But here is a momentous point of interest: The priesthood will not in those days be a separated body of men. All will then be priests and a [202] layman can hold that office when duly chosen at the beginning of the ceremony. The only qualification required will be the capacity to align with the higher, and to cooperate with all the other units in the concourse.

In the department of the Mahachohan, the Lord of Civilization and Culture and the head of the third line of evolution, you will see again similar action. No university or school will start its sessions without the ceremony of alignment, the teacher this time being the focal line of information from the department controlling the activity of the mind. In this way the stimulation of the mental bodies of the students, and the strengthening of the channel between higher and lower mind will be greatly aided. The intuition will also be developed and contacted. In the above statements I have by no means covered the ground. I have but indicated the broad outlines of what will some day be facts in physical plane demonstration. The thought conveys much matter for consideration and for speculation and is full of helpfulness for the wise student. Aught that enlarges his horizon and increases the range of his vision is to be welcomed, even though his apprehension of these facts may be at fault and his capacity to assimilate leaves much to be desired. [203]

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