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Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter IV - The Use of the Sacred Word in Meditation
The Logoic Chord and Analogy

June 22, 1920

Now, let us proceed with the study of the use of the Sacred Word in its group application and in its employment for certain specific ends. We have very briefly studied the Word as used by the individual who begins to [64] meditate, - the effect of its use being very largely one of purification, stabilization and centralization. This is all that is possible until the student has reached a point where he may be allowed to sound the note in one of the subtones egoic. You will have in the egoic note just the same sequence as in the note Logoic. What had you there? You had a sevenfold chord of which the important points at our stage of development are:

  1. The basic note.
  2. The major third.
  3. The dominant or fifth.
  4. The ultimate seventh.

A hint may here be given along the line of analogy. There is a close connection between the fifth or dominant and the fifth principle, Manas or Mind, and, for this solar system (though not for the first or third), there is an interesting response between the fifth plane of mind and the dominant, and between the sixth plane of the emotions and the major third. From some angles in this connection the emotional vehicle forms a third vehicle for consciousness - counting the dense physical and the vehicle for prana or electrical vitality as two units. More I cannot say for the whole shifts and interpenetrates, but I have indicated food for thought.

In the egoic note, - as before said - you have a similar sequence, for it is the reflection on its own plane of the Logoic. You will therefore have the basic note of the physical, the third of the emotional, and the fifth of the causal levels. When a man has mastered the key, and has found his own subtone then he will sound the Sacred Word with exactitude and thus reach the desired end; his alignment will be perfect, the bodies will be pure, the channel [65] free from obstruction, and the higher inspiration will be possible. This is the aim of all true meditation and can be reached by the right use of the Word. In the meantime, owing to the absence of a teacher and the defects of the pupil, all that is now possible is to sound the Word as well as may be, knowing that danger does not lurk where there is sincerity of purpose, and that certain results, such as protection, quieting and correction may be achieved.

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