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Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter III - Points considered when assigning Meditation
Relationship of the Ego to other Egos

Certain things need to be remembered:

The factor of periodicity. Egos that are in incarnation, and egos that are out of incarnation are differentiated and capable of different work. Egos whose reflections are in incarnation are more limited than those who are not. It is almost as if the Higher Self were directed downwards, or willingly circumscribing itself to three-dimensioned existence, whereas the egos out of incarnation are not so limited but work in another direction or dimension. The difference lies in the focusing of attention, during physical plane life. The matter is hard for you to grasp, is it not so? I scarcely know how to express the difference more clearly. It is perhaps as if the incarnating egos were more positive, and the non-incarnating egos more negative.

The factor of activity. This is largely a matter of ray, and affects closely the relationship between egos. Those on similar rays coalesce and vibrate more readily to each other than those on different rays, and it is only as the second or wisdom aspect is developed that synthesis becomes possible.

On the third subplane of the mental plane egos are separated into groups - individual separation exists not, but group separation can be felt, incidental to ray and point in evolution.

On the second subplane the groups become merged and blend, and from their forty-nine groups are formed (by merging) forty-two. The process of synthesis might be tabulated as follows: [39]

Mental plane 1st subplane
2nd subplane
3rd subplane
35 groups
42 groups
49 groups
Buddhic plane 3rd subplane
1st subplane
28 groups
21 groups
Atmic plane 1st subplane 14 groups 7x2
Monadic plane 7 great groups
I have given a few hints here. It is so little, compared with what will later be known when those of you now studying expand the consciousness still further, but it is all I can as yet impart, and only this has been given with the intent of showing how much has to be considered, when meditation forms are duly set by a Master. He has to take into wise consideration the egoic ray, and the condition of the causal body in its relationship to the lower self and to the Hierarchy. The state of the body must be known, and its content; its relationship to other egos must be duly considered, for all is in group formation. Meditation must therefore be given which is in line with the group to which the Ego is assigned, for as each man meditates he contacts not only his own Ego but also big egoic group and through that group the Master to Whom he is consequently linked, though the efficacy of a meditation depends upon the work being done in an occult manner and under law. The group significance of meditation is little understood, but the above thoughts are commended to you for your wise study.
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