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Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter VIII - Access to the Masters via Meditation
1. Sanctified Service

This is the method of the man who wields the law, the method of the occultist, and the rudiments of the method are laid down in raja-yoga... [283]

The word "sanctification," as you know, in the basic sense signifies the complete surrender of the whole being to one object, the Lord or Ruler. It means the giving wholly to the one the devotee aspires to. It means the consecration of the whole threefold man to the work in hand. It entails, therefore, the application of the entire time and self to the bringing of each body under the subjugation of the Ego, and the complete mastery of each plane and subplane. It involves the comprehension of each evolution and form of divine life as found on those planes and subplanes, with one aim in view and only one - the furthering of the plan of the Hierarchy of Light. The method followed is that of the intensest application to the work of rounding out the bodies and of making them fit instruments for service. It is perhaps the hardest way that a man can tread. It leaves no department of the life untouched. All is brought under law. In meditation therefore the form of that meditation will be a threefold structure:

  1. The laws governing the physical body will be studied and brooded over. This brooding will find expression in a rigid disciplining of the physical body. It will be set apart wholly for service, and subjected consequently to a process that will attune and develop it more quickly.
  2. The body of the emotions will be scientifically studied and the laws of water (occultly understood) will be comprehended. The significance of the term, "there shall be no more sea" will be known, and the sea of storm and passion will be superseded by the sea of glass, which directly reflects the higher intuition, and mirrors it with perfect accuracy, being unruffled and immovable. The emotional body will [284] be set apart wholly for service, and its place in the threefold microcosm will be regarded as corresponding to that in the macrocosm, whilst the occult significance of its being the only complete unit in the threefold lower nature will be apprehended, and the fact made use of to effect certain results. Ponder on this.
  3. The place of lower mind in the scheme of things will be studied, and the quality of discrimination developed. Discrimination and fire are occultly allied and just as the Logos by fire tries every man's work of what sort it is, so the microcosm on a lesser scale has to do the same. Just as the Logos likewise does this paramountly in the fifth round of judgment and of separation, so the microcosm on his lesser scale does the same in the last and fifth period of his evolution, - touched upon and described earlier in these letters. Every power of the mind will be utilized to the uttermost for the furtherance of the plans of evolution; first in the man's own development, then in the special field of work wherein he expresses himself, and lastly in his relationship with other units of the race, as he constitutes himself their guide and servant.

See you therefore the synthesis of it? First the strenuous one-pointedness that is the sign of the occultist blended with the wisdom and love which are reflected from the higher in the mirror of the emotional body, and then the intellect forced to act as the servant of the Ego through one-pointed effort animated by love and wisdom. The result will be the true Yogi.

I would point out here that the true Yogi is he who, after due carrying out of the set forms and times of meditation, merges that meditation in the everyday living, and will eventually be in the attitude of meditation all the day. [285] Meditation is the means whereby the higher consciousness is contacted. When the contact becomes continuous, meditation, as you understand it, is superseded. In this first method the occult student works from the periphery to the center, from the objective to the subjective, from the form to the life within the form. Therefore through the emphasis laid in Raja Yoga on the physical body and its wise control the occultist realizes the essential importance of the physical, and the uselessness of all his knowledge apart from a physical body whereby he can express himself and serve the race. It is the line of the first ray, and its affiliated or complementary ray.

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