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Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter VI - The Use of Form in Meditation
Occult and Mystic Forms Clairvoyantly seen

The mystic who is meditating has built before him and around him an outline nebulous, inchoate, and cloudy, and in such a way that he himself forms the center of the form. Frequently, according to the trend of his mind, the nucleus of the form may be some favorite symbol such as a cross, an altar, or even his pictured idea of one of the Great Ones. This form will be wreathed in the mists of devotion, and will pulsate with floods of color bespeaking aspiration, love and ardent longing. The colors built in will be of singular purity and clarity [153] and will mount up until they reach a great height. According to the capacity of the man to aspire and to love will be the density and the beauty of the ascending clouds; according to his stability of temperament will be the accuracy of the inner symbol or picture around which the clouds of color circulate.

The forms built by the man of an occult trend of thought, and who is more dominated by mind, will be of a geometrical type. The outlines will be clear, and will be apt to be rigid. The form will be more painstakingly built and the man, during meditation, will proceed with greater care and accuracy. He will (if I may so express it) take a pride in the manipulation of the material that goes to the building of the form. Matter of the mental plane will be more apparent and - through certain clouds of emotional matter may be added to the whole - matter of the emotional plane will be of secondary importance. The colors employed may be of equal clarity, but they are apportioned with specific intent, and the form stands out clearly and is not lost in the upward surge of emotional colors as the mystic form is apt to be.

Later, when the man in either case has reached a point of more rounded out development, and is both an occultist and a mystic, the forms built will combine both qualifications, and be things of rare beauty.

This will suffice for today, but I would like to outline for you the ideas that must be brought out later. We will deal with the use of forms in achieving specific results, and though it is not my intention to give or outline such forms, I wish to group them for you so that later when the Teacher moves among men He may find ready apprehension among students everywhere.

  1. Forms used in work on the three bodies.
  2. Forms on certain rays. [154]
  3. Forms used in healing.
  4. Mantrams.
  5. Forms used in one of the three Departments:
    1. The Manu's Department.
    2. The Department of the World Teacher or the Christ.
    3. The Department of the Lord of Civilization.
  6. Forms for calling elementals.
  7. Forms for contacting the devas.
  8. Special forms connected with Fire.
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