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Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter III - Points considered when assigning Meditation
2. The Ray of the Personality

June 5, 1920

We have somewhat dealt with the first factor, the egoic ray, in determining the method of meditation. Today we might take up the function of the personality ray in determining this method. As you know, the personality ray is ever a subray of the spiritual ray and varies with greater frequency than the egoic ray. With evolved egos such as may be contacted among the thinkers of the race and among the prominent workers in all departments of world work everywhere, the personality ray may vary from life to life, each life being based on a different note and demonstrating a different color. In this way the causal body is more rapidly equipped. When the reincarnating unit has reached a point where he can consciously choose his mode of expression, he [20] will first review his past lives, and from the knowledge gained thereby, he will guide his choice for the next. Prior to incarnation he will sound his egoic note and will note the lack of fullness or the discord it may contain; he will then decide upon which note he will base his coming personality vibration.

The whole life, therefore, may be given over to the sounding of a particular note and to the stabilizing of one particular vibration. This note must be sounded and this vibration stabilized in diversity of circumstances. Hence the necessity in the life of the aspirant or disciple for frequent change, and the explanation of the obvious condition of variety and apparent chaos in which these lives are spent.

When the discord has been corrected and when the vibration becomes steady and is not subject to change, then the needed work is done. The Ego can call in again his forces, prior to continuing the work of perfecting the causal body and carrying to perfect accuracy and clarity of tone the desired chord. See then the necessity of adapting the method of meditation to the need of the personality, and of synchronizing it at the same time with the first factor, involving the ray of the Ego.

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