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Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter VI - The Use of Form in Meditation
c. The Line of the Mahachohan

This is the line of mind or intelligence, of knowledge and of science. It is the line of abstract mind, and of archetypal ideas. The man broods not so much upon the Law, not so much upon the Life, as upon the effects of both in manifestation, and upon the reason why. The man on this fivefold line ever asks why, and how, and whence, and seeks to synthesize, to comprehend and to make the archetypes and ideals facts in manifestation. He broods on the ideals as he senses them; he aims at contacting the Universal Mind, at wresting its secrets from it, and giving them expression. It is the line of business organization, the line also in which the artists, musicians, scientists and the workers of the world have their place. The Spirits of Love and Activity pass much time in each of its five departments before passing on to the lines of love and of power.

In meditation the man takes some ideal, some part of the divine plan, some phase of beauty and of art, some scientific or racial problem, and by brooding over it and by the employment of lower mind, finds out all that can be known and sensed. Then, having done all that, he seeks to raise the consciousness still higher till he taps the source of illumination, and gains the light and information [173] required. He mounts likewise by entering into the consciousness of those greater than himself, not so much from the point of view of love (as in the second line) as from admiration and joy in their achievement, and gratitude for what they have given to the world, and devotion to the same idea that impels them to action.

Therefore you will see from even the most superficial study of the above three lines how apparent it is that all the sons of men are rising. Even the ones - so apt to be despised - who are the active workers of the world may, in their place and through their devotion to the ideals of work or science or even of business organization, be just as far advanced as the more highly considered ones who demonstrate more patently the love aspect of the divine Self. Forget not that activity is just as divine and just as fundamentally an expression of the All-Father as love in sacrifice, and even more so than what we now know as power, for the power aspect is as yet not comprehended by any of you, nor will it be until a further manifestation.

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