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Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter IV - The Use of the Sacred Word in Meditation
The Dual Effect of the Sacred Word; constructive and destructive

June 20, 1920

We can today continue with the subject we were considering yesterday. We divided the theme into four divisions and we will take the first two, the effect, - creative and destructive - of the Word. Just a few broad hints will be possible, to form a basis for the intelligent application of the law.

First, let us repeat the truism that the worlds are the effect of sound. First life, then matter; later the attraction [54] of the matter to the life for purposes of its manifestation and expression, and the orderly arrangement of that matter into the necessary forms. Sound formed the allying factor, the propelling impulse, and the attractive medium. Sound, in an occult and deeply metaphysical sense, stands for that which we term "the relation between", and is the creating intermediary, the linking third factor in the process of manifestation. It is the akasha. On the higher planes it is the agent of the great Entity Who wields the cosmic law of gravitation in its relation to our solar system, whilst on the lower planes it demonstrates as the astral light, the great agent of reflection, that fixes and perpetuates on its vibratory bosom the past, the present and the future, or that which we call Time. In direct relation to the lower vehicle it manifests as electricity, prana and the magnetic fluid. A simplification of the idea may come to you perhaps in the recognition of sound as the agent of the law of attraction and repulsion.

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