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Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter III - Points considered when assigning Meditation
6. The Groups, Inner and Outer, with which the Pupil is Affiliated

The point for consideration today is of practical interest. It deals with the factor of a man's groups. The relationship to a Master we have somewhat considered, [45] and I will therefore proceed with the instruction on the group connection.

We showed yesterday the importance of meditation in connection with the group to which a man is allied on egoic levels. Today we deal with the group to which he may be called on earth. This group is not exactly a reflection of the group on egoic levels as might be anticipated, for only certain units of an egoic group will be in incarnation at any one time. We deal with the Law of Cause and Effect, as demonstrated in the groups national, religious or family.

Four Groups connected with the Pupils

A man, when in incarnation, has four sets of people to consider as his group:

1. The big national group to which he belongs, the karma of which (through aggregation of numbers) is so strong that he cannot break away from it even if he will. Certain racial characteristics, certain temperamental tendencies are his because they are hidden in the racial physical body, and he must carry that constitution, and the tendencies inherent in that particular type of body, throughout his life on earth. That body provides the needed lesson, or (as evolution proceeds) it provides the best body for the type of work that has to be accomplished. An oriental type of body has one set of qualifications, and an occidental body has another set, and equally good, if I might so express it. I seek here to make this point clear, for the tendency of the westerner is to ape the oriental and to endeavor to force his vibrations, to the same key as that of the oriental. At times, this causes concern to the inner Teachers, and occasionally leads to trouble in the vehicles. [46]

There has been too much tendency to believe that to be an oriental holds the goal for all. Forget not that even the Great Ones Themselves are not all orientals, and the Masters in European bodies are of equal accomplishment to the better known Eastern Adepts. Ponder on this. It needs much wise consideration, hence my emphasis of the fact. When more is known along these lines, and when schools of meditation are founded and conducted on truly occult lines by graduated Teachers, forms of meditation will be planned, suited to nationality and to the temperamental differences existing among nations. Each nation has its virtues and each has its defects; it will therefore be the work of the superintending Teacher to apportion meditations that will intensify the virtues and remedy the defects. The field opened up by these ideas is so vast that I cannot deal with it here. Specialists will later take up the problem, and the time comes when the orient and the occident will each have their own schools, subject to the same basic rules and under the superintendence of the same inner Teachers, but wisely differing on certain points, and (though aiming at the same goal) following different routes. You will later see these schools founded in each nation; admission into them will not be easy of attainment, but each applicant for instruction will be subjected to a drastic entrance examination. You will find each school will differ somewhat, not in fundamentals but in methods of application, due to the wise discrimination of the Head of the School. This Head, being of the same nationality as the pupils, and having the faculties of the causal body fully developed, will apply the method to the immediate need.

Later I may further expand the future of the meditation schools for your edification, but I seek now principally to generalize. [47]

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