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Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter X - The Purification of the Vehicles
The Training of the Physical Body

This involves certain definite requirements:

The building in of matter of the higher subplanes and the elimination of the lower and coarser matter. This is needed because it is impossible for those with coarse bodies to contact high vibration. It is impossible for the Ego to transmit the higher knowledge and guidance through a coarse physical body. It is impossible for the loftier currents of thought to impact the little evolved physical brain. Hence the refinement of the physical body is an essential. It is effected in various ways, all of them reasonable and utilitarian.

  • By pure food. This involves a vegetarian diet, chosen with wise discrimination; it requires the eating of only those vegetables and fruits that vitalize. Careful judgment shown in the choice of food, wise refraining from too heavy eating, and a little pure good food perfectly assimilated are all that a disciple requires. You ask what foods? Milk, honey, whole wheat bread, all the vegetables that contact the sun, oranges (above all, oranges), bananas, raisins, nuts, some potatoes, unpolished rice, and may I again reiterate, [335] just as much of all the above as to insure activity.
  • By cleanliness. Much use of water, externally and internally, is vitally required.
  • By sleep. This should be always between the hours of ten in the evening and five in the morning, and as much as possible out of doors.
  • By sunshine. Contact with the sun should be much sought after, and the vitalization that comes through its rays. The sun kills all germs and frees from disease.

When these four requirements are attended to adequately a definite process of elimination proceeds, and in the course of a few years the whole physical body shifts its polarization gradually up until ultimately you will have a body composed of atomic subplane matter... This may take several incarnations, but it should be borne in mind that at each fresh incarnation a body is taken of the exact quality (if I may so put it) as the one previously discarded at death. Hence time is never lost in building. Eventually two other methods will be available by which more rapid refining may be effected:

  • The use of colored lights. These lights are played on the body of the disciple and effect a shaking-out process and a simultaneous stimulation of the atoms. This cannot be done till further information is given anent the Rays; when a man's ray is known, stimulation will come from the use of his own color, a building-in will be brought about by the use of his complementary color, and disintegration of unwanted matter will be brought about by the use of an antagonistic color. This knowledge will later on be communicated to the great bodies that hold [336] custody of the Mysteries, the Church and the Masons. Wait, for the time is not yet. When the Mysteries are restored some of this information will be in the hands of the two bodies I refer to.
  • The stimulation of music. Certain sounds shatter and break. Certain other sounds stimulate and attract. When the key of a man's life is known, when the sound he responds to is recognized, then comes the possibility of the utilization of sound in refinement. All that is at present possible to those of you who seek to serve is to attend to the above essentials and to seek contact with high vibration.

One more point I would like to give, and that is, that in the manipulation of electricity lies hid much that concerns the vivification of the bodies, especially just now of the etheric. The principal use the sun has is the vitalizing of the etheric. The heat of the sun is electrical force adapted to the need of the great average majority in all the kingdoms of nature. As progress is made an intensification of this force will be possible in individual cases. Herein lies one of the secrets of initiation. In the old days the Rod of Initiation acted actually as a conductor of this force to the centers of the initiate; it was so constructed that it answered this purpose. Now, on a higher turn of the spiral, just the same need and purpose are served, though the method of application necessarily differs, owing to the change in the polarization of the race. The polarization is now no longer physical, but is either emotional or mental. The method of application differs in all three, and hence the safeguarding of the secret. It holds the mystery hid. [337]

The refining of the etheric

This coincides with that of the physical body. The method consists principally of living in the sunlight, in protection from cold, and in the assimilation of certain definite combinations of vitamins which before long will be given to the race. A combination of these vitamins will be formulated and made into tabloid form, with direct effect upon the etheric body. This will not be until that etheric vehicle is recognized by science, and definitely included in the training offered by the faculty of medicine. The study of etheric diseases - congestion and atrophy - will ere long be a recognized study, and will lead to definite treatments and formulas. As before said, all that you can now do in sensitizing the dual physical is to attend to the above rules, and allow time to bring about the remainder of the work.

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