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Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter V - Dangers to be avoided in Meditation
Dangers arising from Subtle Forces

August 3, 1920

... We have for our topic this morning the final section of our letter on the dangers incidental to meditation. We have dealt somewhat with individual dangers inherent in the three bodies; we have touched upon the risks that may be run when the karma of the student and his group affiliations are overlooked. Today the subject involves real difficulty. We have to deal with the dangers that may arise from forces and persons, from entities and groups working on the subtler planes. The difficulty arises in three ways:

  1. The ignorance of the average student as to the nature of those forces and as to the personnel of the groups on the subtler planes.
  2. The risk of revealing more than would be wise in an exoteric publication.
  3. An occult risk that is little comprehended by the uninitiated. It lies in the fact that in the concentration of thought that necessarily arises in discussing these problems, thought-waves are set in motion, currents are contacted and thought-forms circulated that attract the attention of those under discussion. This may lead at times to undesirable results. Therefore, I shall with brevity touch upon the subject. Upon the inner planes the needed light and protection are afforded.

Three groups of entities:
These groups of entities can be differentiated in a threefold manner:

  1. Groups of discarnate beings on either the emotional or the mental planes.
  2. Devas, either singly or in groups.
  3. The dark Brotherhood. [121]

Let us take each division and deal with it carefully, first laying the foundation of knowledge by pointing out that the dangers arise from a threefold condition of the bodies of the student which may be the result sometimes of meditation. These conditions are:

  • A negative condition that makes the entire three bodies of the personality receptive and quiescent, and open therefore to the attack of the watching denizens of other planes.
  • A condition of ignorance or foolhardiness that, in attempting to use certain forms and mantrams without the permission of the Teacher, involves the student with certain groups of devas, bringing him into contact with the devas of the emotional or mental planes and making him therefore (through his ignorance) the butt of their attack and the plaything of their destructive instincts.
  • A condition which is the reverse of the above, which makes a man positive and a channel, therefore, for force or power. When this is the case, the man proceeds, under occult rule or law and with the aid of his Teacher, to wield the electrical fluid of the inner planes. He becomes then a center of the attention of those who strive against the Brothers of Light.

The first two conditions are all the result of meditation unwisely and ignorantly practiced, the last state of affairs is frequently the reward of success. In the first two, the remedy lies within the student himself and in the wise correction of the type of meditation and its more careful following; in the third case the remedy must be sought in various ways which I will later indicate.

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