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Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter VII - The Use of Color and Sound
The Basic Correspondences

It is in the study of these correspondences in the different departments of the manifested universe, and the application of these colors to their adjusted portion that the beauty of the synthetic whole and the illuminating of the microcosmic life ensues. Let us enumerate or tabulate in broad general fashion, leaving the detailed working out to the student of meditation. More at this juncture is not possible.

  1. The threefold solar system.
    The threefold evolving jiva.
    The three aspects of the Logos.
    The threefold Monad.
    The spiritual Triad, the Ego.
    The threefold Personality.
    The three worlds of human evolution.
    The three persons of the Deity. [229]
  2. The four Lipika Lords.
    The four Maharajahs.
    The fourfold lower man, the quaternary.
  3. The five planes of human evolution.
    The five senses.
    The fivefold department of the Mahachohan.
    The fifth principle of manas.
    The five kingdoms of nature.
    1. The mineral kingdom.
    2. The vegetable kingdom.
    3. The animal kingdom.
    4. The human kingdom.
    5. The spiritual or superhuman kingdom.
  4. The seven rays or hierarchies.
    The seven colors.
    The seven planes of manifestation.
    The seven Kumaras.
    The seven principles of man.
    The seven centers.
    The seven sacred planets.
    The seven chains.
    The seven globes.
    The seven rounds.
    The seven root-races and subraces.
    The seven initiations.

What I seek to emphasize in the above table is that to the adept the correspondence of all these is perfectly known and exists in terms of consciousness, in terms of form, and in terms of intelligence. He knows it, - if I may so express it, - in terms of color when dealing with form; in terms of sound when dealing with the life side, and in terms of vitality when dealing with intelligence, or the activity aspect. The above statement will repay much [230] earnest thought; it contains a statement of occult fact. According to the three lines of approach as dealt with in our preceding letter, will be the use of the terms as above described.

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