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Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter VIII - Access to the Masters via Meditation
4. The Attainment of a certain amount of Causal Consciousness

This is indicative of the pupil's having developed (mayhap in small degree, yet definitely realized) the power to enter somewhat into Their world. The faculty of abstract thought and contemplation, the power to transcend the limitations of time and space, are powers of the body egoic, and as all egoic groups are - as aforesaid - controlled by some one Master, the development of egoic consciousness (when consciously recognized) is indicative of contact and access. Many souls unconsciously contact their Ego, and temporarily have flashes of egoic consciousness but when the pupil can consciously raise himself, when he with deliberation intensifies his vibration, and transfers his polarization into the body egoic, even if for a brief moment, then he can know that he is for that brief moment vibrating to the key of the Master of his group. He has made contact. He may not remember [293] in his physical brain, at first, the details of that contact, he may not realize the appearance of the Master or the words that passed His lips, but having consciously conformed to rule, and entered within the silence of the high places, the law ever works, and he has made his contact. Some disciples know their Master intimately on the inner planes and work under His direction, but many lives may elapse before they comprehend the law and with deliberation can make the channel of access, through power developed in meditation.

As time elapses this ability to contact increases until the point is reached when the pupil can at any time find out what is the will of the Master and have access to His heart.

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