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Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter VI - The Use of Form in Meditation
August 11, 1920

...Periods of physical weakness are of value only for the reason that they demonstrate the absolute necessity there is for the worker to build a strong body before he can accomplish much, and the importance of good health before the disciple can go forward on the Path. We cannot permit those we teach to do certain things, nor inform them along certain lines unless their physical vehicles are in good shape, and unless the handicap of ill health and disease is practically negligible, and the karma of accidental trouble almost completely obviated in the personal life. National or group karma occasionally involves a pupil, and upsets somewhat the plans, but this is unavoidable and can seldom be offset.

3. The Use of specific Forms for specific Ends

Until now we have dealt more with the personal aspects of meditation, and have considered the two types that are practically universal and fundamental, having studied briefly,

  • Meditation as followed by the mystic, and
  • Meditation as pursued by the occultist.

We have largely generalized and have not in any way attempted to enter into particulars. It is neither desirable [155] at this stage nor proper. At a certain point in meditation, nevertheless, when the pupil has made the desired progress and covered certain specific stages and attained certain objectives (which attainment can be ascertained by a review of the pupil's causal body) and when a foundation of right living has been laid which neither storms nor attack will be liable easily to upset or destroy, the Teacher may impart to the earnest pupil instructions whereby he can build in mental matter and under definite rules, forms that will lead to specific actions and reactions. These forms will be imparted gradually, and at times the pupil (this especially at first) may not be in the least conscious of the results achieved. He will obey the orders, say the imparted words, or work through the outlined formulas, and the results attained may do their work even though the pupil is unconscious of the fact. Later - especially after initiation, as the subtler faculties come into activity, and the centers are rotating in fourth dimensional order - he may be aware of the effects of his meditation on the emotional and mental planes.

Results never concern us. Strict obedience to the law, and steady adherence to the rules laid down, with skill in action aimed at are the part of the wise pupil. The effects then are sure, and carry no karma with them.

...Let us take up each of the forms in order, but first I would give a warning. I do not intend to outline forms, or to give specific instructions as to how the results indicated may be achieved. That will be done later, but when, it is not possible to say. So much depends upon the work done during the next seven years, or on the group karma, also on the progress made, not only by the human hierarchy, but by the deva or angel evolution as well. The secret of it all lies hid in the seventh Ceremonial Ray, and the hour for the next step onward will [156] be given by the seventh Planetary Logos, working in conjunction with three Great Lords, especially with the Lord of the third department.

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