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Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter IV - The Use of the Sacred Word in Meditation
June 23, 1920

You are right in thinking that conditions today are not desirable. The whole world speeds towards a crisis - a crisis reconstructive, even though it seems to the onlooker to be destructive. On all sides, the tearing down of the old forms is progressing, nor is the work as yet fully accomplished. Enough has, nevertheless, been done to permit of the erection of the scaffolding for the new building. In serenity and steady adherence to the next duty will come the simplification of that which must be done.

Today we deal with the effect of the Word on the various centers, on each body, and its utility in aligning the bodies with the causal vehicle. This was our fourth point. The first two are closely allied, for the Sacred Word (when properly enunciated) acts on the various bodies through the medium of the centers, and their astral and mental counterparts. Some of the effects, such as the elimination of undesirable matter, and the building in of new, the protective effect of the Word and its work of stabilization and purification, we have somewhat touched upon. We will now focus our attention largely upon the centers and the result upon them of the sounding of the Word.

The Seven Centers and the Sacred Word

As is our custom, let us divide our thoughts under the following heads. Tabulation has its value; it systematizes knowledge, thus tending to the orderly arrangement of the mental body; it facilitates recollection through the assistance of the eye.

  1. Enumeration and discussion of the centers.
  2. Growth and development of the centers.
  3. The effect of meditation on the centers.
  4. Their interrelation in the work of alignment. [71]

First let me say that certain information that may seem to be the natural sequence and corollary of that which I have to impart will have to be withheld. The dangers involved through the injudicious development of the centers are too great for us to venture yet to give full and detailed instructions. We seek to develop Masters of Compassion, dispensers of the love of the universe. We seek not to develop Masters of Black Arts and specialists in ruthless self-expression at the expense of the uninitiated. Certain facts have been, and can be, imparted. They will lead to the development of the intuition, and inspire the seeker after light to more earnest endeavor. Others must be withheld for they would be weapons of great danger in the hands of the unscrupulous. If then it seems to you that I have but imparted only sufficient to arouse interest, know then that that is my aim. When your interest and the interest of all aspirants is sufficiently aroused naught can then be withheld from you.

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