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Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter IX - Future Schools of Meditation
b. Types of Work

First and foremost, the practice of meditation as laid down in these letters and as may be apportioned by the Head of the school. Once or twice a year the initiate Head of the school to which the preparatory school is allied will pass the pupils in review and in conference with the Head of the school will apportion specific meditation adjusted to the pupil's need. Once a year the Master responsible for both schools will likewise pass them in review and communicate to the Head any necessary adjustments. (I would here remind you that the relationship of a Master to a disciple is a private one and though He may be in constant touch with His pupil privately, this affects not His official review of the united auras of the school group.)

Secondly, a graded scientific study of the microcosm, including the following subjects, using the microscope when needed:

The Microcosm

  1. Elementary anatomy, physiology, biology.
  2. Ethnology.
  3. Study of the etheric body and its allied subjects of vitality and magnetism.
  4. Study of geology; of the vegetable kingdom, or botany; and of the animal kingdom.
  5. Study of the history of man and the development of science.
  6. Study of the laws of the microcosmic body.

The Macrocosm

  1. Study of the laws of electricity, of fohat, of prana, and of the astral light. [329]
  2. Study of astronomy and of astrology.
  3. Study of occult cosmogony.
  4. Study of the human hierarchy.
  5. Study of the deva evolution.
  6. Study of the laws of the solar system.
  7. Study of telepathy, mental creation, psychometric.

The Mind

  1. The study of the mental plane.
  2. The study of the laws of fire.
  3. The study of the causal body.
  4. The study of the fifth principle.
  5. The study of color and of sound.


  1. The study of spirit-matter-mind.
  2. Study of numbers and of symbology.
  3. Study of higher mathematics.
  4. Study of the laws of union.
  5. Study of the laws of sex.

Psychic Development

  1. Study of practical occultism.
  2. Study of psychism.
  3. Study of the astral light and the akashic records.
  4. Study of mediumship and inspiration.
  5. Study of past lives.
  6. Study of the macrocosmic and microcosmic centers.

Practical Work

  1. Service to the race.
  2. Study of group work.
  3. Review work. [330]
  4. Work on the subtler bodies with the view to producing continuity of consciousness.
  5. Study of magic.
  6. Study of the seventh ray.

You will see for yourself that when the pupil has completed the above curriculum he will be a potential magician, and will be a member of the Brotherhood of Light in embryo. He will be equipped and ready to pass into the advanced school, where he will be trained in using the knowledge already acquired, where his centers will be scientifically developed so that he will become a conscious psychic of the mental type, where he will be trained to contact and control the lesser evolutions and to cooperate with the other evolutions such as the deva, and where all his bodies will be so aligned and adjusted that he can at the end of a period - varying from two to three years - be ready to stand before the Initiator.

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