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Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter VIII - Access to the Masters via Meditation
Five Effects of Meditation in the Three Worlds

September 21st, 1920

Today we are to take up the five effects in the three bodies in the lower worlds that the student of meditation will be conscious of if he has duly followed the course laid down.

These effects are not specifically effects in the life as apparent to the onlooking world, such as greater love or [288] spirituality or capacity to serve. What I seek today to bring out are the indications in the physical brain consciousness of the student that he has done some of the necessary work and is attaining somewhat the desired object. Keep this very clearly in mind. I do not seek to make clear all the many and various results achieved by the successful following of the occult laws of meditation. I deal here only with one phase of the matter, and that is, the realization, in the physical brain consciousness, of certain results along the line of our immediate topic, - access to the Masters.

This narrows down our subject to that of a conscious realization of the Masters and of some one particular Master by the student in his physical brain. This realization is very largely independent of his place upon the Path, of his nearness to or distance from initiation. Some very advanced egos may be working at this problem, and be close indeed to their Master, without being able to bring through to the physical brain specific facts proving to them this nearness. Some effect this knowledge at earlier stages than others. It is dependent upon the type of body in use and the work done in previous lives, resulting in a physical vehicle that is a fairly just exponent of the inner man. Oft the man is of far greater caliber and attainment on the inner planes than he is on the physical. So many of our most earnest workers in this particular half century are working out evil karma through the possession of inadequate bodies. Through diligence, application, high endeavor, and the long and patient following of the rules laid down, there comes a time when the student is suddenly conscious - right within the physical brain - of certain unexpected events, an illumination or a seeing that has before been unknown. It is something that is so real yet so momentarily surprising that no amount of [289] subsequent apparent disproving can take away from him the knowledge that he saw, he contacted, he felt.

As often I have told you, it is not possible in any way in this work to do more than widely generalize. Sixty thousand million souls in process of evolving, each following certain rounds of lives totally different from those of others, offer a wide field to choose from, and no one experience is exactly the same as another. But it might be generally laid down that there are five ways (out of the many possible) which are of such frequent occurrence, comparatively speaking, as to warrant our enumerating them. All have been hinted at, but I may somewhat enlarge the already imparted data.

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