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Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter IV - The Use of the Sacred Word in Meditation

June 19, 1920

  1. Fundamental postulates.
  2. The creative effect of the Sacred Word.
  3. The destructive effect of the Sacred Word.
  4. Pronunciation and use of the Sacred Word.
  5. Its effect on the centers and on each body. [51]

The subject that we are to deal with today is of such profundity and of such vital moment that your shrinking from even considering it is exceedingly natural. No matter what we may say upon the matter, we can but touch the fringe of it, and the depths of what will be left unsaid may seem so great, that the data communicated may assume too small proportions.

Fundamental Postulates

First, I seek to lay down certain basic postulates which, though realized as mental concepts, may yet be too deep for easy comprehension.

These postulates are five in number - five out of a number too vast for your apprehension. These postulates themselves are based on certain fundamental facts, and these facts (seven in number) are not as yet all comprehended. H.P.B. touched on three in his statement of the fundamentals of the Secret Doctrine. Four yet remain hid, though the fourth is emerging somewhat through the study of psychology and mental science. The other three fundamentals will emerge during the next three rounds. This round will see the apprehension of the fourth fundamental.

These postulates are as follows:

  1. That all that exists is based on sound or on the Word.
  2. That differentiation is the result of sound.
  3. That on each plane the Word has a different effect. [52]
  4. That according to the note of the Word, or the vibration of the sound, will the work of building in or casting-out be accomplished.
  5. That the one threefold Word has seven keys, and these seven keys have their own subtones.

In the apprehension of these basic facts lies hid much light on the use of the Word in meditation.

In the great original sounding forth of the Sacred Word (the three original Breaths, with their seven sounds, - one Breath for each of the three solar systems) the note was different, and the sounds pitched to a different key.

In system one, the completion of the First Breath, the culmination, was the sounding forth, in note majestic, of the note FA, - the note which forms the basic note of this system, the note of manifested nature. This note is, and to it must be supplemented the second note for this the second system. It is not fully sounded or rounded out, nor to the end of the greater cycle will it be completed. The Logos sounds it now, and should He cease to breathe it forth, the whole system would disappear into complete obscuration. It would mark the end of manifestation.

In system two, the present system, the keynote may not be disclosed. It is one of the secrets of the sixth Initiation, and must not be revealed.

In system three the final third note will be added to the basic notes of the first and second systems, and then what will you have? You will have the major third of the Logoic Personality in its completeness, a correspondence to the major third of the microcosm, - one note for each plane. We have been told that the Solar Logos, on the cosmic planes, works at the problem of cosmic mind; that He functions in His physical solar system, is polarized in His cosmic astral, or emotional body, and is [53] developing cosmic mind. So, on the planes of the solar system, is it as with the microcosm. In the realization of this correspondence and its wise application lies illumination on the use of the Sacred Word in meditation.

  • System I - corresponds to the physical body.
  • System II - corresponds to the emotional body.
  • System III - corresponds to the mental body.

By the study of the Word or Sound in the formation of these three will help come on the use of that Word in the building of the intuitional vehicle, and the purification of the personality.

Now we will divide what we have to say under four heads, and take up each one of them separately:

  1. The creative effect of the Sacred Word.
  2. The destructive effect of the Sacred Word.
  3. Its pronunciation and use:
    a. In individual meditation.
    b. In group and congregational work.
    c. For certain specific ends.
  4. Its effect on the bodies and centers, and its efficacy in effecting egoic alignment.
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