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Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter VII - The Use of Color and Sound
Effect on the Environment

As regards our third point, the effect of all the above on the environment, it will be obvious at once to the careful student that the effect upon the environment will be noticeable, especially as more and more of the human race come under the conscious control of their higher self and in line with the law. Certain things will then be possible:

  1. Direct contact with the deva or angel evolution will come about, though it is impossible now through instability of vibration.
  2. Many very highly developed souls will come in who are at present hindered by the low rate of vibration and consequent heaviness of color of the majority of the human race. There are, in the heaven world and on the causal level, some great, and, to you, incomprehensible units of the fourth Creative Hierarchy, awaiting opportunity of expression, just as some of you awaited a period in the Atlantean race before taking incarnation on this planet. When the rate of the vibration of a larger percentage of the race has reached a certain measure, and when the color aspect of the coordinated auras of the groups is of a certain tone, they will return, and bring to the earth much of value past your realization.
  3. Another interesting point upon which we have not time to dwell is that the rhythmic effect on even the two kingdoms beneath the human will be objectively demonstrable. It was no idle boast of the prophet of Israel when he said "The leopard shall lie down with the lamb" or that "the desert shall blossom like a rose". It will be [237] brought about by the domination of certain vibrations and the bringing in of certain colors veiling certain virtues or influences.
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