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Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter III - Points considered when assigning Meditation
5. Immediate Need of Period and Man's Availability

June 17, 1920

Today we will consider factor five in deciding, methods of Meditation, and will deal with the need of the particular period and the suitability of the man to meet the need.

Let us first of all briefly recapitulate, for the value of reiteration is profound. We have taken up briefly the [40] factor of the egoic ray, as it is considered by a teacher in assigning a meditation, and we have seen how each ray aimed at the same goal along a different route, and that each ray necessitated a different type of meditation. We have touched on the modification of the meditation through consideration of the personality ray. Then we took up the factor of time as shown in the causal body, its point of development, and the relationship of that body to its three lower expressions, finishing yesterday with a few brief hints anent the causal body on its own level and its scope of consciousness. All this will have indicated to you how wise must be the teacher who presumes to indicate meditation. One point I would here interpolate: - No meditation that is truly and occultly suitable can be assigned by a teacher who has not the capacity of causal consciousness and contact. When the teacher knows the note, the rate of vibration and the color, then he can wisely assign, but not before. Before that time, generalization only is possible, and a meditation given that may approximate the need and also be safe.

Another factor enters now, - a factor that varies somewhat according to the need of the period. All cycles are not as fundamentally important. The periods in a cycle that are of real moment are the termini, and those where overlapping and merging occur. They demonstrate on the physical plane in great revolutions, gigantic cataclysms, and fundamental upheavals in all three departments of the Hierarchy, - the department of the World Teacher, that of the Head of a root-race and that of the Ruler of civilization or of force. At the points of merging in a cycle, cross-currents are found, and all the system seems to be in a chaotic condition. The middle part of a cycle, where the incoming vibration is stabilized and the [41] old has passed away, manifests in a period of calm and apparent equilibrium.

At no time in the history of the race has this been better shown than in the present half century. The sixth Ray of Devotion passes away and the Ray of Ceremonial Law enters and with that entering comes a swinging into prominence of the outstanding features and faculties of the department of force and activity, the synthesis, forget not, of the four minor rays. Therefore you have the fighting for ideals and the devoted adherence to a cause, as demonstrated under the ray of the Master Jesus; therefore the clashing in every field of endeavor of the idealists (right or wrong) and their bitter warfare. What was the world war but the culmination of two opposing ideals, fighting it out on the physical plane? - it was an instance of the force of the sixth ray. Now will come, as the sixth ray passes out, a gradual cessation of the clashing, and the gradual domination of organization, rule and order under the sway of the incoming force, that of the ray of the Master R. Out of the present turbulence will arise the ordered and organized form of the new world. Gradually the new rhythm will impose itself on the disorganized communities of men, and instead of social chaos as now you will have social order and rule; instead of the religious differences and the differentiated sects of the many so-called religions, you will have religious expression itself regulated into form and all ordered by law; instead of economic and political strain and stress will be seen the harmonious working of the system under certain fundamental forms; all will be dominated by ceremonial with the inner results aimed at by the Hierarchy gradually taking shape. Forget not that in the apotheosis of law and order and their resultant forms and limitations lies, towards the close (I choose my words with deliberation), a [42] fresh period of chaos, and the escape of the imprisoned life from even those limitations, bearing with it the imparted faculty and the essence of the development aimed at by the Logos of the seventh ray.

Such is the situation from time to time down through the ages. Each ray sweeps into power, bearing its own incarnating Spirits to whom the period marks a point of least resistance comparatively. They contact six other types of force in the worlds and six other groups of beings who must be impressed by that force and be carried forward in its sweep towards the universal goal. Such is also the specific situation in the period in which you live, a period wherein the seventh Logos of Ceremonial Law and Order seeks to straighten out the temporary chaos, and aims at the reduction within limits of the life escaping from the old and worn-out forms. The new forms are needed now and will be adequate. It is only after the middle period in a new cycle that limitation will again be felt and the attempt to escape be started anew.

Therefore the wise teacher at this time considers the situation and weighs the effect of the incoming ray on the spirits in incarnation. Here, therefore, you have a third ray and its bearing to be considered in the assigning of meditation. Complex you feel the task to be? Fortunately the Hall of Wisdom equips its graduates for the task.

At this particular period the aspect of the Form in meditation (whether meditation based principally on the egoic ray or on the personality ray) will be much developed. You can look to see very definite forms built up and assigned, both to individuals and to groups, resulting in an increase of white magic, and the consequent resultant, on the physical plane, of law and order. The coming period of reconstruction goes forward in line with the ray, and its ultimate success and achievement is more nearly [43] possible than perhaps is looked for. The Great Lord comes in under the law and naught can stop His approach.

Just now the great need of the time is for those who understand the law and can work with it. Now is the opportunity, too, for the development of that principle and the training of people in the helping of the world.

The minor Rays of Harmony and Science respond quickly to this seventh influence; by that statement I mean that their monads are easily influenced in this direction. The monads of the sixth Ray of Devotion find conformity more difficult, until nearing the point of synthesis. The monads of the first and second rays find in this ray a field of expression. First ray monads have a direct link with this ray and seek to wield the law through power, whilst second ray monads, being the synthetic type, guide and rule through love.

I think I have today given you enough to engender thought on this fifth factor. This is all I seek to do. To the guiding light of the intuition is the rest left and what that inner guide reveals is of more value to the individual than aught esoterically imparted. Therefore, ponder and consider.

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