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Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter IX - Future Schools of Meditation
The Buildings of the School

October 17th, 1920

In dealing today with the subject of the buildings of the two types of occult schools, little can be said and only a general outline can be given. Climatic conditions and the desired size of the schools will greatly vary and the consequent plant will vary likewise...

The buildings for the preparatory school will differ not so much from those of an ordinary college in the [322] exoteric world. One rule only will be laid down - each student must of necessity have his own separated chamber. The type of building matters not, provided these conditions are fulfiled. Each room must be non-communicating, save with the central corridor, and must be in three divisions, necessarily small yet distinct. One division will be given up to the student's life and study; another to the bath and the third will be the place for meditation containing the pictures of the Great Ones duly curtained. This third division is kept for the sole purpose of meditation and will contain little save the mat on which the student sits, a couch on which he will repose his physical vehicle during certain stated exercises and a small stool in front of the Master's pictures, on which will be found the incensor and a vase for floral tributes.

The resident teachers will reside with the students, the women taking charge of the women students, and the men residing with the male students. The Head of the school will reside alone in a detached house which will contain - besides the rooms in which he will live his private life - a reception room of small proportions for his work with individuals, and a larger room for joint concourses, besides a shrine room for the meeting of the united body of pupils.

The buildings for the advanced schools, even though they concern us not intimately as yet, provide in their construction much of occult significance for those who have eyes to see. The main feature in the occult advanced school will be the central temple of circular shape providing for each of the pupils (and you must remember that numerically they will not be large), a private shrine entered from the rear by a closed door and having a curtain between it and the large central shrine where the group meetings will be held. [323]

This large central shrine will have a pavement whereon will be traced the triangle, and within the triangle the group will sit, the three spaces outside the triangle having tables whereon will be found various symbols and a few of the fundamental books on symbols and some large parchments whereon the cosmic symbols will be portrayed.


The color of this shrine will be dependent on the ray which it represents. The curtains which separate will be in the ray color also and each individual shrine curtain will carry the sign of the pupil's nativity - his sign, rising sign, and controlling planets. These curtains will be the [324] property of the pupil, as will the mat within the shrine which will carry the symbol of his ray, egoic and personality.

On the wall of the great circular passage will be found the signs of the zodiac, the four entrances standing for the four Maharajas.

A square wall will surround the whole, enclosing a garden which will be the care of the pupils themselves. There will be but one entrance through this wall on the north side. Outside will be small buildings to house not more than three pupils, and a house wherein will reside the three instructors. The Initiate Head will likewise have his private residence distinguished by a domed tower at one side. This domed tower serves two purposes: It is the place for astronomical and astrological instruction and will have the latest appliances of science for the study of the planets and of microcosmic life, and will also serve as a secure shelter for those pupils who can consciously leave their physical bodies and function elsewhere on the physical plane.

This is all I can give as yet. Record, watch and await the hour when the ideal will materialize.

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