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Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter VII - The Use of Color and Sound
Use of Color in Meditation

All colors emanate from one source or one primary color - in this solar system the cosmic ray of indigo veiling cosmic love or wisdom, - and then split into three major colors and thence into the four minor, making the seven colors of the spectrum. You will expect to see the same effect in the life of the individual, for always the macrocosm affects the microcosm. His primary color will be his monadic ray, manifesting next in the three colors of the Triad and in the four colors of the Quaternary. These colors on the path of return are resolved into the three and thence again into the one.

The path of manifestation, of differentiation, is the path of acquisition. It is the homogeneous becoming the many or the heterogeneous. It is the breaking up of the one basic color into its many component parts. This is the form side, the expression of that which veils the life. On the life side it is the development from the one basic quality of the many inherent virtues; it is the latent possibility of divinity demonstrating as the many attributes of [239] the divine; it is the one life manifesting its many qualities through diversity of form. It is the self, with the inherent capabilities of the All Self, utilizing forms for the demonstration of its all-including perfections. On the intelligence side it is the method whereby the life utilizes the form and develops its thorough comprehension, analysis and intellect. It is the relation between life and form, the self and the not-self, between spirit and matter, manifesting as modes of expression whereby the indwelling divinity imposes his characteristics upon the material provided for his using. The God within expresses all his latent virtues through forms by the use of activity or intelligence. The life shows color and the form perfects those colors, as the intelligence aspect (which forms the energizing link) becomes more evolved and comprehension is developed.

On the path of return, renunciation is the rule, in contradistinction to the earlier method. The indwelling life renounces the forms, hitherto regarded (and necessarily so) as essential. By the use now of the intelligence which has linked these two pairs of opposites, spirit and matter, consciousness and form, the forms built of matter by the aid of the intelligence are one after another repudiated by the aid of that same intelligence, or reasoning faculty transmuted into wisdom. The forms go, but the life remains. The colors are gradually reabsorbed, but the divine virtues persist, stable now and enduringly of use by reason of experience. Not potential are these attributes divine, but developed into powers for use. Inherent faculty has become active characteristics carried to the nth power. The veils are discarded one by one; the sheaths are dropped and superseded; the vehicles are dispensed with and the forms are no longer required, but the life ever remains and returns to its parent ray. It is [240] resolved back into its primary, plus activity and expression, plus experience and the ability to manifest; plus all that constitutes the difference between the ignorant savage and the solar Logos. This has been consummated by the utilization of many forms by the life, the intelligence constituting the means whereby that life employed those forms as a mode for learning. Having manifested as an aspect of this primary ray, having through many incarnations differentiated that ray into its many component parts, having veiled himself under all the seven colors that compose that ray, the reincarnating jiva takes the path of return and from the seven becomes the three and from the three again becomes the one.

When the man does this consciously, when he willingly and with full comprehension of what he has to do endeavors to set the indwelling life free from the veils that hide, and from the sheaths that imprison, he discovers that the method whereby this is accomplished is by the subjective life of occult meditation, and the objective life of service. In service is renunciation, and, under the occult law, therefore, in service the subjective finds liberation, and is set free from objective manifestation. Think this out, for it has much hidden under the veil of words.

The occult student, therefore, from the standpoint of color has two things to do in meditation.

  1. To discover his three major colors as manifested in the Personality, the Ego, and the Monad.
  2. To resolve then the lower quaternary into the three, the first stage of which is consciously to withdraw into the Ego and so atrophy the lower self. The student begins by eliminating the colors that are not desirable, killing out all low or coarse vibration and eventually so [241] refining his vehicles that the three major colors - of which he is the expression - shine out with perfect clarity. This leads him up to the third initiation. After that, he seeks to resolve the three into the one until he has withdrawn all his consciousness from the lower vehicles into the monadic sheath.

It was not my intention, as you erroneously supposed, to give you information as to the effect of colors playing on the bodies in meditation. I have sought only to give you some idea of color as a veil that must eventually be set aside. Under the heading of the "Future use of color," I may touch upon that which interests you, but to understand fundamentals is far better than to have formulas for experimenting given to you.

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