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Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter VIII - Access to the Masters via Meditation
September 19th, 1920

We can today take up our last two points practically simultaneously. They deal with methods of approach to the Masters and the objective effects on the three planes of human evolution. Some of the points touched upon are already well known. Others may not be so familiar to the general student... In these letters we have dealt with the student himself and what he has to bring to the endeavor; we have indicated likewise his goal - and very sketchily - the forms and methods whereby success may be achieved. We have dealt also with those aids to meditation, the Sacred Word, Color and Sound, and have indicated that which (brooded upon in silence) may lead to the student making some discoveries for himself. Lastly we have tried to bring the Masters and Their reality nearer to the student, and thereby facilitate his approach to Them.

What now remains to be done? To indicate five things that may be looked for with conviction by the student who has endeavored to conform his life to the lines laid down by me in these letters. If the student but provides the right conditions, if he conforms to the necessary [282] rules, if he aims always at regularity, at calmness, at that inner concentration that holds the mystery of the High Places, he will on certain occasions and with ever-increasing frequency awake to some definite realizations. These realizations will be the outer recognition of inner results, and will be the guarantee to him that he is on the right path. But I would here point out again that these results are only achieved after long practice, strenuous struggle, diligent disciplining of the threefold lower man, and consecrated service to the world.

Methods of Approach and Effects obtained

The methods of approach are broadly three and we might indicate five results that will eventuate from the employment of these methods. The three methods are:

  1. Sanctified service.
  2. Love demonstrating through wisdom.
  3. Intellectual application.

They are all three but diverse methods of expressing one and the same thing, - active one-pointedness that expresses itself in service for the race through love and wisdom. But some individuals express this in one way and some in another; some carry the outer appearance of intellectuality and others of love, yet before the attainment is possible intellectuality must be based on love, whilst love without mental development and that discrimination that mind affords is apt to be unbalanced and unwise. Both love and mind must be expressed in terms of service before the full flower of either is attained. Let us consider each of these methods separately and indicate the meditation to be followed thereon.

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