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Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter VI - The Use of Form in Meditation
Mantric Forms

August 20, 1920

We must today continue the discussion on the forms that will some day be in common use among the students of occult meditation. We have touched upon three of the forms, and five more remain to be dealt with.

Mantric forms are collections of phrases, words, and sounds which by virtue of rhythmic effect achieve results that would not be possible apart from them. These mantric forms are too numerous to study here; suffice it to indicate somewhat the types of mantrams there will be in use, or are now in use among those privileged to use them.

There are mantric forms based entirely on the Sacred Word. These, sounded rhythmically and on certain keys, accomplish certain results, such as the invoking of protective angels; they lead to certain effects, either objective or subjective. These forms or mantrams are much more in use among orientals and in the eastern faiths than at present among occidentals. As the power of sound is more completely understood and its effect studied, these mantrams will be adopted in the occident.

Some of them are very old and when enunciated in the original Sanskrit have unbelievably powerful effects. So powerful are they that they are not permitted to be [163] known by the ordinary student and are only orally imparted during preparation for initiation.

There are a few very esoteric mantrams that exist in the original Sensa, and that have remained in the knowledge of the Brotherhood from the early days of the founding of the Hierarchy. They were brought by the Lords of Flame when They came to earth and are only thirty-five in number. They form the key that unlocks the mysteries of each subplane on the five planes of human evolution. The adept receives instruction on their use, and can employ them in the right place and subject to certain conditions. They are the most powerful known on our planet and their effects are far-reaching. As you know, each plane vibration responds to a different key and note, and its matter is manipulated, and its current tapped, by the sounding of certain words in a specific manner, and in a specific tone. When so sounded, the adept enters into the consciousness of that plane and of all contained therein. Mantrams in any tongue are founded on them, even though so far removed and unlike as to be practically useless.

Certain of these original mantrams are chanted in unison by the Brotherhood on great occasions, or when the united power of the Lodge is required to effect desired ends. Great events are inaugurated by the sounding of their key note with appropriate words employed; each root-race has its mantric chord known to those who work with races.

Again there are, as You know, certain mantrams in Sanskrit that are employed by students in meditation to call the attention of some one Master. These mantrams are communicated to Their disciples, and by their means the Master's attention is attracted, and His assistance called for. [164]

Other and greater formulas are sometimes imparted by which the three Great Lords may be contacted, and Their attention drawn in any specific direction.

A mantram, when rightly sounded forth, creates a vacuum in matter, resembling a funnel. This funnel is formed betwixt the one who sounds it forth and the one who is reached by the sound. There is then formed a direct channel of communication. You will see therefore why it is that these forms are so carefully guarded and the words and keys concealed. Their indiscriminate use would but result in disaster. A certain point in evolution has to be reached, and a similarity of vibration somewhat achieved, before the privilege is afforded the pupil of being custodian of a mantram whereby he may call his Master.

There are also seven mantrams that are known to the three Great Lords and the Heads of the Hierarchy, whereby They can call the seven Planetary Logoi, or the seven "Spirits before the Throne" as They are called in the Christian Bible. One of these mantrams, which causes contact with the Logos of our planet, is known to the adepts as well. So the scale is mounted, and the Words are sounded forth, until we reach the mantram of our planet, which is based on the key of the Earth, and embodies a phrase which sums up our evolution. Each planet has some such note or phrase whereby its guides may contact their Planetary Logos. The seven Logoi in Their turn have Their available ritual or form whereby They can communicate with the threefold Lord of the Solar System. This is done always four times a year, or when urgent need arises.

Once a year the entire Hierarchy employs a composite mantram that creates a vacuum between the highest and the lowest members of that Hierarchy and on up - via the seven Planetary Logoi - to the Logos Himself. It marks [165] the moment of intensest spiritual effort and vitalization during the year, and its effects last throughout the intervening months. Its effect is cosmic, and links us up with our cosmic center.

Ray mantrams. Each ray has its own formulas and sounds which have a vital effect upon the units gathered on those rays. The effect of sounding it by the student of meditation is threefold:

  1. It links him and aligns him with his Higher Self or Ego.
  2. It puts him in contact with his Master, and through that Master with one of the Great Lords, - dependent upon the ray.
  3. It links him with his egoic group and binds all into one composite whole, vibrating to one note.

These mantrams are one of the secrets of the last three initiations and may not be sounded by the pupil before that time without permission, though he may participate at times in the chanting of the mantram under the Master's direction.

Mantrams, or formulas of words, sung by the pupil, which have direct effect on one of the three bodies. These mantrams are largely already in use - though in a much distorted degree - in the services of the religious bodies in all lands. Some light on them is being communicated in the ritual of the Church... The passwords used in Masonry - though practically valueless now - are based on the use of mantrams and some day when there is an Initiate Head to all these organizations (such as Masonry, various esoteric societies, and religious bodies) the old mantrams will be given back in pure form to the peoples. [166]

There are also mantrams for use in healing, and for the development of certain psychic faculties. Some mantrams have a direct effect on the centers of the body, and will later be used under the guidance of the Master for increasing vibration, for causing fourth dimensional movement, and for the complete vivification of the center.

Still other mantrams act upon the hidden fire, but I will deal with them a little later. There are numerous oriental books on the subject, which is so vast a one that I caution the student from investigating much. It would but prove for the worker in the world a waste of time. I have touched upon the matter because no book on meditation would be complete without a reference to what will some day supersede all preliminary meditation. When the race has reached a certain point of development, and when the higher mind holds greater sway, these occult mantrams - rightly imparted and rightly enunciated - will be part of the ordinary curriculum of the student. He will start his meditation by the use of his ray mantram, thereby adjusting his position in the scheme; he will follow this with the mantram that calls his Master, and which puts him en rapport with the Hierarchy. Then he will begin to meditate with his bodies adjusted, and with the vacuum formed that may then be used as a medium of communication.

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