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Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter VI - The Use of Form in Meditation
The Three Lines of Approach

August 14th, 1920

As you will note (in continuation of that which we studied yesterday) there are three direct lines of contact between the higher and the lower, all finding their focal point through the same Initiator, and all, at the same time, quite distinct in their method of approach. If this is borne in mind it will be apparent that each provides for the man (whose egoic note is one of the three, or a department of the third) the line of least resistance and the path whereby he may most easily approach the Ultimate. It is fundamentally a matter dealing with various states of consciousness, and here it is that the Great Ones so powerfully assist the student. Through meditation, adjusted to the desired line, the student can control step by step the various intermediate states that lie between him and his goal. He rises by means of various focal points of force. These focal points may be his Higher Self, they may be his Master, they may be an ideal... But they are only steps upon the ladder whereby expansions of consciousness are obtained, and the man is enabled to extend the periphery of his consciousness until he gradually embraces all, and merges at last with the Monad, and later [169] with the All-Self, the Logos Himself.

For the sake of clarity and in order to satisfy the craving of the concrete mind for differentiation these three departments are pictured as distinct and separated the one from the other, though having their points of contact. In reality - apart from the illusion that mind always sets up - the three are one, and the seven are but blended parts of one synthetic whole. They all interlace and intermingle. All the three departments are but necessary parts of one organization over which the Lord of the World rules. They are but the executives offices in which the business of our planet is handled, and each office is dependent upon the other offices, and all work in the closest collaboration. The man who finds himself on one line has to remember that in time and before perfection is achieved he must realize the synthesis of the whole. He must grasp it as a fact past all questioning and not just as a mental concept, and in his meditation there will eventually come a point when this realization of the essential unity will be his and he will know himself as a fragment of a vaster whole.

In these three departments the method of approach to the Head of the Department is meditation, and the means whereby the student puts himself en rapport with the essential Life of that department (it is all a matter of terms) differ. The life within the form manifests - as a result of meditation - in three different ways. The results of meditation as demonstrated in terms of character, if I may so express it, are really the same aspects of manifestation under different terms or conditions. Let me tabulate them for you:

  • Line of the Manu - Force, Strength, Power to rule. [170]
  • Line of the Bodhisattva - Magnetism, Attraction, Healing.
  • Line of the Mahachohan - Electricity, Synthesis, Organization.

I seek here to point out that the effect in the life of the student of meditation on one of these three lines will be as enumerated above, though all of course colored and modified by his personality ray, and by the point attained in evolution. If you study the three words applied to the three lines you will find it very illuminating. (I seek not to enlarge the mental body but to train the intuition.) These words demonstrate the law as working through the three groups, and the working out into active expression in the three worlds of the due following of the desired line. Each line has its specific forms whereby those results are achieved, and the time is coming when the rudiments of these forms (the first fundamental formulas) will be given to students deemed ready and who have done the necessary preliminary work.

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