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Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter VI - The Use of Form in Meditation
Forms used in Healing

We must touch now on these forms, remembering first of all that they will be necessarily arranged in three groups, each with many subsidiary heads.

a. Forms for use in physical healing. You would be surprised how seldom these forms will be required, and how few in number therefore they are. The reason for this is that very few of the troubles of the dense physical body arise within that body itself. A few arise directly in the etheric body, but at this stage of evolution most of the troubles arise in the emotional body, and the remainder in the mental. We might generalize and say that: [159]

25% of the ills flesh is heir to, arise in the etheric body.
25% in the mental body.
50% find their origin in the emotional body.

Therefore, though accidents may occur which lead to unexpected physical disaster and for which forms for healing may be given, yet the wise student will find that the forms that affect the etheric body may be the first point of departure. These forms, built up in meditation, will act directly on the pranic channels that go to the makeup of the etheric - that intricate web which has its counterpart in the circulatory system of the dense physical body. They are the seat of much of the present disease in that body, either directly or through causes set up on the emotional plane and reacting on the etheric.

b. Forms for healing the emotional body.As said above, much of the present sickness is due to causes set up in the emotional body and these causes are mainly three. I would point out that I but outline broadly and give general indications.

  • Violent emotion and unstable vibration. This, if indulged in, has a shattering effect and reacts on the nervous system. If suppressed and inhibited it has an equally dangerous effect, and results in a diseased condition of the liver, in bilious attacks, in the poisons which are generated in the system and find their outlet in certain cases of septic poisoning, in skin diseases, and in some forms of anemia.
  • Fear and forebodings, worry and despair. These types of emotion - which are so common - have a general debilitating effect on the system, leading to loss of vitality, to sluggish action of the organs, and to many forms of obscure diseases of the nervous system, of the brain and of the spine. [160]
  • Sex emotions, covering a very large range of feeling, ranging from the suppressed sex emotion which is now beginning to be studied by our psychologists to the unclean criminal emotion that finds its expression in violent orgies and license.

Under all these heads many points may be gathered, but I write not letters on healing, but letters on meditation, so I must not further enlarge.

In the forms used in these three cases attention will be paid to the cause of the trouble, to the plane on which it originates, and to the effects on the lower bodies or body. In apportioning forms different aims will be in view. Where, for instance, the trouble is based on suppressed emotion, the effect of the form (when rightly followed) will be to transmute the emotion and turn it upward. When, by right use, the emotional body is cleared of the emotional congestion, the life-giving forces of the Ego, and of the pranic life everywhere available, will be set free. They can then circulate with facility, tuning up the entire system and cleansing all organs that were suffering from the inner congestion.

c. Forms for mental healing. These will be, for the majority of you, much more obscure, and in fact mental trouble is far more difficult to cure than either of the other two. This is due to two causes, one being that our polarization as a race is not yet in the mental body. It is always much more easy to contact a body and to manipulate it when it is the seat of the center of consciousness. The emotional body likewise, being more fluidic, is more easily impressed. I cannot enlarge upon the troubles of the mental body today save to point out that these causes may arise within the mental body itself as a karmic inheritance, or may originate on the emotional plane and work their way back into the mental body. For instance, [161] a person may be prone to some emotional storm. This - if persisted in - may set up an analogous vibration in the mental body. This vibration in its turn may become practically permanent, and by the interaction of these two bodies serious trouble may be set up. This trouble may go all the way from simply causing a general souring of the Personality, so that the man recognized as an unhappy, unpleasant individual, to definite brain disease, resulting in lunacy, brain tumors and cancer in the head.

For all these troubles forms of meditation may be found which - if followed in time - will eventually dissipate them. The fundamental fact to be grasped here is that only when the pupil has an intelligent appreciation of the trouble or troubles affecting him, only when he has the ability to conscientiously follow the imparted formulas, and only when his object is unselfish, will he be trusted with these forms. When his object is to equip himself for service, when he aims only at the acquirement of healthy vehicles for the better carrying out of the plan of the Great Ones, and when he desires not to escape disease for his own personal benefit, only then will the formulas work in connection with the egoic consciousness. The downflow of life from the God within results in sound vehicles, so that it is only as the Personality becomes merged in the Ego, and the polarization shifts from the lower to the higher that the work becomes possible. That time is nearing now for many, and progress in the new medical school - based on thought - can be looked for. Forms in meditation are but forms in thought matter, so that it will be apparent to you that a general beginning has been made.

One more hint on this matter I give: Through the various centers of the body - those seven centers with [162] which the pupil has to do - will come the power to heal the corresponding physical center. As the centers are vitalized certain physical effects will be demonstrable, and in specific forms that work on and through the centers will come results that may throw light on this obscure matter of healing through the subtle bodies.

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