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Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter VIII - Access to the Masters via Meditation
Accepted Discipleship

The second period, wherein a man is an accepted disciple, is Perhaps one of the most difficult in a man's whole period of lives. It is made so in several ways:

  • He is definitely a part of the Master's group, and is within the consciousness of the Master at all times, being kept within His aura. This involves the steady holding of a high vibration. I would have you ponder on what the effect of this would be. To hold this vibration is at all times a difficult thing to do; it frequently involves an intensification of all that subsists within a man's nature, and may lead (especially at first) to curious demonstration. Yet, if ever a man is to be able to hold the force that is the result of the application of the Rod of Initiation, he has to demonstrate his ability to do so at an earlier stage, and be able to hold himself stable and to move steadily forward when subjected to the intensification of vibration that comes from the Master.
  • He has to discipline himself so that nothing can enter into his consciousness that could in any way harm the group to which he belongs, or be antagonistic to the Master's vibration. If I might so express it, so as to give [271] you some conception of my meaning, when he first forms part of the group enclosed in the Master's aura, he is kept on the periphery of that aura until he has learnt to throw off automatically, and to reject immediately, every thought and desire unworthy of the Self and thus harmful to the group. Until he has learnt to do this he cannot advance into a closer relationship, but must remain where he can be automatically shut off. But gradually he purifies himself still more, gradually he develops group consciousness and thinks in group terms of service, gradually his aura takes on more and more the coloring of his Master's aura, till he blends and has earned the right to be gathered closer to his Master's Heart. Later I will explain the technical meaning of this phrase, when dealing with the work of the Master with the pupil. Suffice it to say, that as the term of "accepted disciple" progresses (and it varies in different cases) the disciple advances ever closer to the heart of the group, and finds his own place and functional activity in that body corporate. That is the secret: the finding of one's place, - not so much one's place upon the ladder of evolution (for that is approximately known), but in service. This is of more importance than is realized, for it covers the period which, at the end, will definitely demonstrate which path a man will follow after the fifth initiation.
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