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Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter VI - The Use of Form in Meditation
Ray Forms

This is a profoundly interesting and vast subject, and may only be indicated in general terms. Certain forms, built up on the numerical aspect of the various rays, are the special property of those rays and embody their geometrical significance, demonstrating their place in the system. Some of these forms being on the concrete rays or building rays are the line of least resistance for the occultist, while other forms on the abstract or attributive rays are more easily followed by the mystic.

These forms are for three objects:

  1. They put the pupil in direct contact with his own ray, either the egoic or personality ray.
  2. They link him up with his group on the inner planes, either the group of servers, the group of invisible helpers, or later with his egoic group. [158]
  3. They tend to merge the occult and the mystic paths in the life of the pupil. Should he be on the mystic path he will work at the forms upon the Rays of Aspect, and so develop knowledge of the concrete side of Nature - that side which works under law. You can reverse the case for the man of occult tendency, till the time comes when the paths merge and all forms are alike to the Initiate. You have to remember that at this point of merging a man works ever primarily on his own ray when be has transcended the personality and found the egoic note. Then he manipulates matter of his own ray, and works through his own ray-forms with their six representative subray forms until he is adept, and knows the secret of synthesis. These forms are taught by the Teacher to the pupil.

You will find that though I have imparted but little on this subject, yet, if you brood over what I have given, it contains much. It may give those who wisely assimilate it the key they seek for their next step on. I may touch on this and somewhat enlarge when we take up the subject of access to the Masters through meditation.

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