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Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter V - Dangers to be avoided in Meditation
Dangers from the Deva Evolution

This second point is more complex. You will remember how it has been said earlier in these letters that contact with the devas can be brought about through specific forms and mantrams and that in this contact lies peril for the unwary. This danger is curiously real now, owing to the following reasons:

  1. The coming in of the violet ray, the seventh or Ceremonial Ray, has rendered this contact more easy of attainment than heretofore. It is therefore the ray on which approximation is possible, and in the use of ceremonial and of set forms, coupled to regulated rhythmic movement, will be found a meeting place for the two allied evolutions. In the use of ritual this will be apparent, and psychics are already bearing witness to the fact that both in the ritual of the Church and in that of Masonry this has been evidenced. More and more will this be the case, and it carries with it certain risks that will inevitably work themselves into common knowledge and thus affect in various ways the unwary sons of men. [129] As you know, a definite effort is being made at this time by the Planetary Hierarchy to communicate to the devas their part in the scheme of things, and the part the human family must likewise play. The work is slow, and certain results are inevitable. It is not my purpose to take up with you in these letters the part that ritual and set mantric forms play in the evolution of devas and of men. I only desire to point out that danger for human beings lies in the unwise use of forms for the calling of the devas, in experimenting with the Sacred Word with the object in view of contacting the Builders who are so largely affected by it, and in endeavoring to pry into the secrets of ritual with its adjuncts of color and of sound. Later on, when the pupil has passed the portal of initiation, such knowledge will be his, coupled with the necessary information that teaches him to work with the law. In the following of the law, no danger lurks.
  2. The race is possessed of a strong determination to penetrate within the veil, and to find out what lies on the other side of the unknown. Men and women everywhere are conscious within themselves of budding powers which meditation enhances. They find that by the careful following of certain rules they become more sensitive to the sights and sounds of the inner planes. They catch fleeting glimpses of the unknown; occasionally and at rare intervals, the organ of inner vision temporarily opens and they hear and see on the astral or the mental plane. They see devas at a meeting in which ritual has been employed; they catch a sound or a voice that tells them truths that they recognize as true. The temptation to force the issue, to prolong meditation, to try out certain methods that promise intensification of psychic faculty is too strong. They unwarily force matters and dire disaster results. One hint here I give: In meditation [130] it is literally possible to play with fire. The devas of the mental levels manipulate the latent fires of the system and thus incidentally the latent fires of the inner man. It is woefully possible to be the plaything of their endeavor and to perish at their hands. A truth I speak here; I give not voice to the interesting chimeras of a fanciful brain. Beware of playing with fire.
  3. This transition period is largely responsible for much of the danger. The right type of body for the holding and the handling of the occult force has not yet been built, and in the interim the bodies now in use but spell disaster to the ambitious student. When a man starts out to follow the path of occult meditation, it takes well-nigh fourteen years to rebuild the subtle bodies, and incidentally the physical. All through that period it is not safe to tamper with the unknown for only the very strong refined physical body, the controlled stable and equalized emotional body and the properly striated mental body can enter into the subtler planes and literally work with Fohat, for that is what the occult does. Therefore is the emphasis laid by all wise Teachers everywhere on the Path of Purification, which must precede the Path of Illumination. They lay the emphasis on the building in of spiritual faculty before psychic faculty can be safely permitted; they demand service to the race every day throughout the scope of life before a man may be permitted to manipulate the forces of nature, to dominate the elementals, to cooperate with the devas, and to learn the forms and ceremonies, the mantrams and the keywords, that will bring those forces within the circle of manifestation.
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