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Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter III - Points considered when assigning Meditation
4. Condition of the Causal Body

June 16, 1920

The fourth factor underlying the choice of a method [33] of meditation is our subject today and consists of the condition of the causal body.

We have dealt with the causal body in its relationship to the Personality or lower self, showing the interplay between the two and their interdependence. Through steady application to occult meditation, and through the gradual stilling of the lower mind, through concentration and the wise following of the egoic ray meditation, balanced by the personality ray mediation, we found that the relationship of the causal body to the Personality became ever closer and the channel connecting the two became ever more clear and adequate. This resulted eventually a shifting of polarization from the lower to the higher and later to complete emancipation from both, - centralization ensuing then in the spiritual consciousness. We dealt with the matter from the lower point of view, seeing it from the standpoint of a man in the three worlds.

Today we will deal with the matter from the standpoint of the Higher Self, from the egoic level, and consider the relationship of that Self to the Hierarchy, to surrounding egos, and to the Spirit. It will be difficult to do more than give some few hints, for much that I could say would be little comprehended, and much be too occult and dangerous for general communication.

Three things may be imparted, which - when wisely meditated upon - may lead to illumination:

  • The Ego on its own plane, realizes consciously its relationship to the Master, and seeks to transmit that consciousness to the Personality.
  • The Higher Self on its own plane, is not trammeled by time and space, and (knowing the future as well as that which is past) seeks to bring the desired end nearer and make it more rapidly a fact. [34]
  • The Higher Self or Ego on its own plane has direct relationship with other egos on the same ray, and on a corresponding concrete or abstract ray, and - realizing that progress is made in group formation - works on that plane at the helping of his kind. These facts are already half apprehended among students but by a slight elaboration I may make it clearer.
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