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Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter VIII - Access to the Masters via Meditation
2. Love and Wisdom

This method is the line of least resistance for the sons of men. It is the subray of the synthetic ray of an analogous vibration, of which our solar system is the objective manifestation. But I would seek to point out that the love achieved by the student of meditation who follows this line is not the sentimental conception that is so often discussed. It is not the non-discriminating love that sees no limitation, nor concedes a fault. It is not the love that seeks not to correct and that expresses itself in an ill advised attitude to all who live. It is not the love that sweeps all into service, suitable or unsuitable, and that recognizes no difference in point of development. Much that is called love, - if logically followed out - would apparently dispense with the ladder of evolution, and rank all as of equal value. So potentially all are, but in present terms of service all are not.

True love or wisdom sees with perfect clarity the deficiencies of any form, and bends every effort to aid the indwelling life to liberate itself from trammels. It wisely recognizes those that need help, and those that need not its attention. It hears with precision, and sees the thought of the heart and seeks ever to blend into one whole the [286] workers in the field of the world. This it achieves not by blindness, but by discrimination and wisdom, separating contrary vibrations and placing them in position diverse. Too much emphasis has been laid on that called love (interpreted by man, according to his present place in evolution) and not enough has been placed on wisdom, which is love expressing itself in service, such a service that recognizes the occult law, the significance of time, and the point achieved.

This is the line of the second ray and its affiliated and complementary rays. Later it is the all-inclusive one, and the solvent and absorber. It can be followed, being synthetic, on either the Raja Yoga line or the Christian Gnostic line, owing to its synthetic significance...

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