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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul
Esoteric Psychology II - Table of Contents

Chapter One - The Egoic Ray

I. The Growth of Soul Influence

The Growth of Soul Influence
1. The Three Stages of Egoic Growth
     a. Individualization and the Seven Ray Types
     b. The Rays and Initiation
2. The two Cycles of Egoic Appropriation
     a. The Points of Crisis
     b. Certain Basic Premises
     c. Seven Ray Methods of Appropriation

II. The Seven Laws of Soul or Group Life

The Seven Laws of Soul or Group Life

1. The Law of Sacrifice
a. The Significance of the Law of Sacrifice
     b. The Work of Salvage or Salvation
     c. The Relinquishing of Gain

2. The Law of Magnetic Impulse

3. The Law of Service
     a. Some Questions on Service
How do we define the Word "Service"?
          What is the Field of this Science, and why do we call it a Science?
          What are the Characteristics of the true Server?
          What Effect does Service have upon the Mind, the Emotions and
               the Etheric Body?
b. Distinctive Methods of Ray Service
          Does this Science prove that the Seven Ray Types employ
               Distinctive Methods in Service?
          Ray I
          Ray II
          Ray III
          Ray IV
          Ray V
          Ray VI
          Ray VII

4. The Law of Repulse
     a. The Law of Repulse and Desire
     b. The Law of Repulse upon the Paths of Discipleship and Initiation
     c. The Law of Repulse and the Pilgrim on the Way of Life
     d. The Seven Directions of the Law of Repulse
          The Direction of Ray I
          The Direction of Ray II
The Direction of Ray III
The Direction of Ray IV
The Direction of Ray V
The Direction of Ray VI
The Direction of Ray VII

5. The Law of Group Progess
     a. The Link of the World Groups
     b. The Characteristics of the New Groups
     c. The Experimental Nature of the Groups
     d. Astrology and the New Groups

6. The Law of Expansive Response

7. The Law of the Lower Four

III. The Five Groups of Souls

The Five Groups of Souls

IV. Rules for Inducing Soul Control

Rules for Inducing Soul Control
1. The Aim of these Rules
2. The Seven Rules
     a. The Tendency to Synthesis
     b. The Quality of the Hidden Vision
     c. The Urge to Formulate a Plan
     d. The Urge to Creative Life
     e. The Factor of Analysis
     f. The Quality, Innate in Man, to Idealize
     g. The Interplay of the Great Dualities

Chapter Two - The Ray of Personality


1. The Appropriation of the Bodies
a. Building and Construction of the Bodies
b. Development and Alignment of the Bodies
c. Interrelations of the Personality Life

2. The Coordination of the Personality
a. Seven Techniques of Integration
Ray One
          Ray Two
          Ray Three
          Ray Four
          Ray Five
          Ray Six
          Ray Seven
b. The Techniques of Fusion and Duality

3. Some Problems of Psychology
a. Problems of Cleavage
b. Problems of Integration
c. Problems of Stimulation
          Mental problems
          Problems arising from Meditation and its Result: Illumination
          Problems of Guidance, Dreams, and Depression

4. Diseases and Problems of Disciples and Mystics
a. Problems arising out of the Awakening and Stimulation of the Centers
b. Unfoldment of the Psychic Powers
          Microcosmic Sensory Evolution
          The Science of the Breath
          Problem of the Development of the Mystical Vision
          Revelation of Light and Power and Attendant Difficulties
c. Diseases connected with Group Conditions
          Diseases and Problems evoked by Directed Group Thought
          Respirational Diseases of Mystics
d. Problems of Mystics connected with Present Ray Influences

Chapter Three - Humanity Today

1. The World Situation
2. The New Group of World Servers
a. Objectives and Ideals
b. Immediate Lines of Activity and Techniques
c. Functions of the New Group of World Servers
d. Rules of Procedure
e. The World Servers and the May Full Moon
3. The Great Approaches (The Coming New Religion)
a. The Soul of Humanity
b. The Precipitation of the Crisis
c. Stepping Down of Hierarchical Methods
d. Urgency of the Need and How to Meet It
e. Immediate Plan of the Hierarchy

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