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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter I - The Egoic Ray - The Seven Laws of Soul or Group Life
4. The Law of Repulse

We have here a most interesting law to consider. It is one of the major divine laws with which the Pilgrim has much to do on his weary, agelong way, back to the center. It is the fourth law governing or controlling the life of the soul.

Exoteric Name Esoteric Name Symbol Ray Energy
4. Law of Repulse The Law of all
Destroying Angels
The Angel with the
Flaming Sword
The Rejecting Energy
of the First Ray
First of all, it is well to realize that this law has certain characteristics and basic effects which might be briefly enumerated as follows:
  1. The energy displayed is dissipating in its effect. This law works as a dispersing agent.
  2. When in active expression, it causes an active scattering or rejection of the aspects of form life.
  3. It produces a discriminating contact which leads eventually to what is esoterically called "the Way of divine refusal."
  4. It is, nevertheless, an aspect of the Law of Love, of the Vishnu or Christ aspect, and concerns an attitude of the soul, whose essential nature is love.
  5. This law expresses itself through the mind nature, and therefore can only make its presence and influence felt upon the Path of Discipleship.
  6. It is the prime prerequisite to true self-knowledge. It reveals at the same time that it divides or scatters.
  7. It works through love and for the interest of the unit, - the form and the existence which finally repulses the form. [148]
  8. It is an aspect of one of the greatest cosmic laws, the Law of the Soul, which is the cosmic Law of Attraction, for that which is attracted in time is automatically and eventually repulsed by that which attracted it in the first instance.

This law is one which primarily begins to impress the divine purpose upon the consciousness of the aspirant, and dictates to him those higher impulses and those spiritual decisions which mark his progress upon the Path. It is the demonstration of the first ray quality (a subray influence of the second ray), for it should be remembered that to repulse a form, a situation or a condition may be the evidence of spiritual love in the agent of repulsion. This is well pictured for us in the ancient symbol of the Angel with the flaming sword, who stands before the gate of Paradise to turn away those who seek the fancied security of that shelter and condition. This angel acts in love, and has so acted down the ages, for that state of realization which we call Paradise is a place of essential danger for all, save those who have earned the right to sojourn there. The angel protects the unready aspirant (not the place which he seeks to enter) and safeguards him from the risks and perils of that initiation which must be undergone before he can pass through the five divisions of Paradise to the place where light dwells and the Masters of the Wisdom live and work. This is the thought which lies behind the Masonic procedure whereby the Tyler stands outside the door of the Lodge with a drawn sword to protect the secrets of the Craft from the unready.

I would remind you also that as this law is an aspect of the fundamental Law of Love, it concerns the psyche or soul, and therefore its function is to further the spiritual interests of the true man, and to demonstrate the power of the second [149] aspect, the Christ consciousness, and the power of divinity. It "rejects the undesirable in order to find that which the heart craves, and thus leads the weary pilgrim from one rejection to another, until with unerring choice he makes the Great Decision." This is quoted from the Old Commentary.

We will divide what we have to say about the functioning and effect of the Law of Repulse into three parts:

  1. The Law of Repulse, and the function and quality of desire.
  2. The Law of Repulse, as it expresses itself upon the Paths of Discipleship and Initiation.
  3. The Law of Repulse, as it "drives in seven directions, and forces all that it contacts back unto the bosom of the seven spiritual Fathers."

This law works through the soul in all forms. It does not literally affect matter, except in so far as form is affected when the soul "withdraws", or occultly "repudiates." It will be apparent, therefore, that our understanding of its activity will depend largely upon the measure of soul force of which we may individually be aware, and the extent of our soul contact. Our point upon the ladder of evolution will govern our manipulation of this law (if such a term may be used), and determine our capacity to be sensitive to its impact. If we are unable to respond to its influence in any measure, that in itself is sufficient to indicate our development. Unless the mind is active, and unless we are beginning intelligently to use the mind, there is no medium or channel through which this influence can flow or work. Never let it be forgotten that this influence or law of our spiritual being is that which reveals the will, plan or purpose of the divine life, as it expresses itself in the individual or in humanity as a whole. Let us never forget that unless there is a thread of light to act as [150] a channel, that which this law can convey will remain unknown, unrealized and useless. These laws are the laws which govern predominantly the Spiritual Triad, that divine Triplicity which expresses itself through the medium of the soul, just as the three aspects of the soul, in their turn, reflect themselves through the personality.

Therefore, all that can be imparted in connection with this law can be comprehended only by the man who is beginning to be spiritually awakened. The three laws which we have already considered deal with the specific spiritual influences which emanate from the three tiers of petals which compose the egoic lotus. (See page 823 of A Treatise on Cosmic Fire)

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