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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter III - Humanity Today - The New Group of World Servers
a. Objectives and Ideals

The statement has been made that Those who constitute the inner government of the world, or the so-called planetary Hierarchy, are working to facilitate the entry of the new ideals and aims into the consciousness of the race. These new ideals and aims are characteristics of the New Age. This statement is of importance, because it indicates that the effort now on foot is in line with the evolutionary development going on upon our planet. It is therefore assured of ultimate success. The work that the New Group of World Servers is endeavoring to do is intended to hasten that process, and so avert a long period of distress and disorder. Whether this effort succeeds or not, the final aim is assured, but it can be hastened if men will only appreciate fairly the situation with which they are immediately faced and take the necessary steps to change the present condition.

The new Plan of the Great Ones is, therefore, in the last analysis, simply an extension of the Plan as it has always existed. No changes in the basic idea are involved. The success of the present endeavor is contingent upon the availability of the forces which stand for progressive righteousness and the ability of the disciples of the world to act in unison, and so to influence public opinion that there can be a world wide change in human attitudes, but the members of the New Group of World Servers must refrain from dissipating their efforts in secondary activities. For these latter, there will be time, once the main objective has been reached. The immediate objectives of the Plan might be stated as follows:

  1. To raise the level of the human consciousness so that [653] intelligent thinking men and women will be consciously in touch with the world of ideas and the realm of intuitive perception. This means that they will be oriented towards reality.
    Average men and women will then be led definitely to shift their attention from the world of the emotions in which they have hitherto lived, and will begin to live more in their mental natures, and to think clearly and wisely. As a direct result of a growing awareness of the two above mentioned groups, the masses, as a whole, will be definitely benefited. They will find their living conditions so ameliorated and wisely ordered that the present state of fear and of intense competitive struggle for existence will be superseded by a real measure of stability and security. A more leisured life will consequently be possible and this will enable men to unfold their powers - mental and spiritual - normally.
    This is no picture of an immediate Utopia. The modification of the present situation, even in a small measure, is a Herculean task, and will strain the resources of the New Group of World Servers to the utmost.
  2. The second objective of Those who are working out the Plan is the clarifying of the international situation. It is necessary that each nation should realize two things:
    1. First, the importance of attending to its own business and its own internal problems which are those of beautifying the national life, by the production of order, stabilization, and above all, freedom. Each nation must internally adjust itself to peace. This must be done, not by the armed force of some powerful group, but by the wise consideration of the needs of the entire people, excepting no part of the national life.
    2. Second, the prime importance of each nation realizing [654] its responsibility to all other nations, and the interrelation of all parts of the life of our world. This realization will bring about a reciprocal interplay in the field of economics, for this is the most important field at this time. Practically all world problems and differences are based upon an economic situation. It is, therefore, more important in the solution of the present world problem than are the political rivalries and the selfish, individual, national ambitions.
  3. The providing of adequate food, raiment and housing facilities to the unthinking masses everywhere will bring about a changed world psychology, which will be constructive and sound, and which, will usher in the deeply desired era of peace and plenty. That the problem involved is difficult no one denies, and for this, man's selfishness and greed is responsible. It is, in reality, relatively simple, if not complicated by too much statistical deduction and the opposed selfishness of national and monied interests. The term "monied interests" is here used to designate no one class in particular for the transition of money out of one set of hands into another provides no real solution. Whoever possesses the money at any particular time wields power, and this is true, whether it is the present capitalistic class or an enriched proletariat or a grasping government.

  4. The third objective is the growth of the group idea with a consequent general emphasis upon group good, group understanding, group interrelation, and group good will. These four are the ideals of that subjective group, working on the physical plane, which we call the New Group of World Servers.
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