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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter II - The Ray of Personality - Problems of Disciples and Mystics
Microcosmic Sensory Evolution

Extracts from A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, pages 188-196:

Physical plane 1. Hearing
2. Touch, feeling
3. Sight
4. Taste
5. Smell
5th - gaseous
4th - first etheric
3rd - super-etheric
2nd - subatomic
1st - atomic
Astral plane 1. Clairaudience
2. Psychometry
3. Clairvoyance
4. Imagination
5. Emotional idealism
Mental plane 1. Higher clairaudience
2. Planetary psychometry
3. Higher clairvoyance
4. Discrimination
5. Spiritual discernment
    Response to group vibration
    Spiritual telepathy
7th (form)
6th (form)
5th (form)
4th (form)
3rd (formless)
2nd (formless)
1st (formless)
Buddhic plane 1. Comprehension
2. Healing
3. Divine vision
4. Intuition
5. Idealism
Atmic plane 1. Beatitude
2. Active service
3. Realization
4. Perfection
5. All knowledge
6th [561]
It can be noted that we have not summed up the two planes of abstraction on the atmic and the buddhic planes, the reason being that they mark a degree of realization which is the property of initiates of higher degree [189] than that of the adept, and which is beyond the concept of the evolving human unit, for whom this treatise is written.

We might here, for the sake of clarity, tabulate the five different aspects of the five senses on the five planes, so that their correspondences may be readily visualized, using the above table as the basis:

  1. The First Sense - Hearing.
    1. Physical hearing.
    2. Clairaudience.
    3. Higher clairaudience.
    4. Comprehension (of four sounds)
    5. Beatitude.
  2. The Second Sense - Touch or feeling.
    1. Physical touch.
    2. Psychometry.
    3. Planetary psychometry.
    4. Healing.
    5. Active service.
  3. The Third Sense - Sight.
    1. Physical sight.
    2. Clairvoyance.
    3. Higher clairvoyance.
    4. Divine vision.
    5. Realization.
  4. The Fourth Sense - Taste.
    1. Physical taste.
    2. Imagination.
    3. Discrimination.
    4. Intuition.
    5. Perfection. [562]
  5. The Fifth Sense - Smell.
    1. Physical smell.
    2. Emotional idealism.
    3. Spiritual discernment.
    4. Idealism.
    5. All knowledge.
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