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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter I - The Egoic Ray - The Seven Laws of Soul or Group Life
2. The Law of Magnetic Impulse
Exoteric Name Esoteric Name Symbol Ray Energy
2. The Law of
The Law of Polar
Two fiery balls
and triangle
Radiatory Energy
Second Ray
manifesting Energy
It would be well to remember that we are not considering here that aspect of the second ray which is peculiarly concerned with form, and which constitutes the cohering [110] magnetic agent in any form, whether atom, man or solar system. We are not here concerned with the relation between forms, even though due (as is essentially the case) to second ray energy. Nor are we occupied with considering the relation of soul to form, either that of the One Soul to the many forms, or of an individualized soul to its imprisoning form. The laws we are considering are concerned entirely with inter-soul relationship, and with the synthesis underlying the forms. They govern the conscious contact existing between the many aspects of the One Soul. I have expressed this phrase with care.

This Law of Magnetic Impulse governs the relation, the interplay, the intercourse, and the interpenetration between the seven groups of souls on the higher levels of the mental plane which constitute the first of the major form differentiations. These we can only study intelligently from the angle of the seven ray groups, as they compose the spiritual aspect of the human family. This law governs also the relationships between souls, who, whilst in manifestation through form, are en rapport with each other. It is a law, therefore, which concerns the interrelation of all souls within the periphery of what the Christians call "the Kingdom of God." Through a right understanding of this law, the man arrives at a knowledge of his subjective life; he can wield power subjectively, and thus work consciously in form and with form, yet holding his polarization and his consciousness in another dimension, and functioning actively behind the scenes. This law concerns those inner esoteric activities which are not primarily related to form life.

This law is of major importance because of the fact that Deity itself is on the second ray; because this is a second ray solar system, and therefore all rays and the varying states or groupings of consciousness, and all forms, in or out of physical [111] manifestation, are colored and dominated by this ray, and therefore again finally controlled by this law. The Law of Magnetic Impulse is in the soul realm what the Law of Attraction is in the world of phenomena. It is, in reality, the subjective aspect of that Law. It is the Law of Attraction as it functions in the kingdom of souls, but because it is functioning on those levels where the "great heresy of separateness" is not to be found, it is difficult for us - with our active, discriminating minds - to understand its implications and its significance. This Law governs the soul realm; to it the Solar Angels respond, and under its stimulation, the egoic lotuses unfold. It could perhaps be best understood if it is considered as

  1. The impulsive interplay between souls in form and out of form.
  2. The basis of egoic recognition.
  3. The factor which produces reorientation in the three worlds.
  4. The cause of the magnetic rapport between a Master and His group, or a Master and His disciple.
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